Vasu Hotel Kanakpura Karnataka

Vasu Hotel has been a landmark place to eat Masala Dosas and Bisi Bele Bath with chow chow [amalgamation of Rice, Dal and Vegetables sprinkled with khara mixture(Namkeens) ]in Kanakpura town, about 40kms on NH209 from Bangalore  since 2 decades.

About Vasu Hotel:

Vasu Hotel was started in 1983 by Mr. P Ramachandra Upadhay on MG Road in Kanakpura and since then they have opened another new branch at KNS Circle in Kanakpura (before the taking a left-turn to Sangam).

Currently the KNS Circle joint is run and managed by Mr. Janardhan, son of the Ramachandra Upadhay.

They have a small section to sit, but it is always full, so be prepared to stand and eat.

Moving on to the food….

The Masala Dosa is the best they offer and it is the amount of ghee(ready heavy) and time spent on the tava (grill) which makes it taste so damn good and the chutney compliments the ghee-laden dosa wonderfully 🙂

Masala Dosa at Vasu Hotel KNS Circle Kanakpura Karnataka

Masala Dosa – yummmmmm!!

Next we moved to the Kesari Bath, which is good but not good enough to brag about.

Kesari Bath at Vasu Hotel KNS Circle Kanakpura Karnataka

Kesari Bath – The best in Kanakpura !!

We couldn’t try the famous Bise Bele Bath since the dosa filled us up, although the coffee was a disappointment 😦


– Reach the place before 8am, post this the locals throng the place for breakfast

– They accept only Cash and expect the customer to render the exact money (So don’t think of splitting that 500 INR note for a plate of Dosa !!)

– There is no designated space to park the car

Janardhan the owner of Vasu Hotel KNS Circle Kanakpura Karnataka

Mr.Janardhan – Owner of Vasu Hotel

Vasu Hotel KNS Circle Kanakpura Karnataka

Vasu Hotel – Worth the stop for breakfast


Vasu Hotel

KNS Circle, Kanakpura Town (Before the left turn to Sangam from the Bangalore side)


Must Stop for a good Masala Dosa on Kanakpura Road (NH 209)