Pavithra Idli Hotel – NH4 Tumkur

This breakfast place on one of the most popular highways in India , the NH-4 was suggested by a good friend; famous for its benne idli (butter idli) and vada.

Benne Idli Sagu at Pavithra Idli Hotel, Kyathasandra Tumkur

Benne Idli Vada Sagu

So I pulled in a couple of foodie friends and rode down to Pavithra Idli Hotel, an average sized hotel located in the service lane of the NH4 in Kyathasandra in Tumkur is about 70kms from Bangalore.

Ample car and motorcycle parking space; but not so much inside the hotel with the continuous flow of food patrons (signs of a good food-joint) 🙂

Vada at Pavithra Idli Hotel Kyathasandra Tumkur

Crispy Delight – Vada

So we had to stand and eat outside, which added to the quick service.

The huge dollop of butter on the hot and soft idli along with the crisp vada tasted out of the world, but it was the Masala Dosa which I relished the most washed down with filter kaapi 🙂

Masala Dosa at Pavithra Idli Hotel Kyathasandra Tumkur

Masala Dosa – Benne(butter) is a default 😛

Vada at Pavithra Idli Hotel Kyathasandra Tumkur

100% Pleasure 😀

Filter Kaapi at Pavithra Idli Hotel Kyathasandra Tumkur

The best brew on NH-4

What made me happy was the tub of chutney served so that we dont have to go inside for the refill 🙂

Chutney at Pavithra Idli Hotel Kyathasandra Tumkur

Chutney Tub

Must Haves:

  • Benne Idli with chutney and sagu
  • Vada with chutney
  • Masala Dosa
  • Filter Kaapi (the best on NH4)

Wallet Light by:

  • Single Benne Idli with single vada – 29 INR
  • Masala Dosa – 25 INR
  • Filter Kaapi – 8 INR
Food expense at Pavithra Idli Hotel

Total Damage


Pavithra Idli Hotel Kyathasandra Tumkur

Pavithra Idli Hotel

Open road, a motorcycle, great friends and lip-smacking breakfast – I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend 🙂


A must stop-over breakfast place on NH-4 near Tumkur; The Thatte Idly, Vada and Coffee shouldnt be missed 🙂