Ice and Spice St Marks Road Bangalore

One of the most popular eat-outs in Bangalore, Ice and Spice on St.Marks Road has been serving delicious burgers, sandwiches, pastas, steaks and tarts for almost 10 years.

With its proximity to some of the best pubs in the city and a seating capacity of about 35 – 40 at one go – getting a seat for group of more than 4 people during weekends especially during the lunch and dinner hour  is tough – but trust me the wait is worth the food.

Must haves:

Brownie Points – Who knew a simple chocolate & walnut  brownie could be so much fun to drink !!

Brownie Points at Truffles Ice and Spice St Marks Road Bangalore

Brownie Points – Indeed !!

Chicken Steak with BBQ sauce – The best chicken steak with BBQ sauce in central Bangalore PERIOD

Classic Chicken Steak  with BBQ Sauce at Truffles Ice and Spice St Marks Road Bangalore

Classic Chicken Steak with BBQ Sauce – Delicious 🙂

Arrabiata Pasta – I love the slight Indian touch to this Italian import – one of the best Veg red sauce pastas I have tasted 🙂

Pasta Arrabiata with Penne Truffles Ice and Spice St Marks Road Bangalore


I am not a fan of the Cream-based Pastas – but this one was good, quite filling though.

Pasta Creamy Garlic Sauce at Truffles Ice and Spice Bangalore

Delight for White Sauce Pasta Worshipers – too much for me though..

Burgers – Chicken Steak & Veg  burger (The Lamb burger is quite a favorite – although I have never tasted one.

Chicken Steak Burger at Truffles Ice and Spice St Marks Road Bangalore

The best chicken burger in Bangalore 🙂

Rum Tart – Yet to find a better rum tart than this in my city  – Absolute Sin (Hence no image :D)

I have been frequenting this place since 2005 and yes the food still tastes as yum as it used to be 🙂

Great location and awesome food that is easy on the wallet makes this one of the must visit food joint in the city .


Hari’s Super Sandwich Bangalore

A simple sandwich is easy to find, but a sandwich with an Indian twist is what sets apart Hari’s Super Sandwich – they whip up sandwiches with an Indian touch of spices and dressings.

In simple, it is the best combination of your favorite chaat and a sandwich with offerings such as Bread Masala, Dahi Toast etc

Vegetable Sandwich at Hari's Super Sandwich Jayanagar Bangalore

Vegetable base for most of the sandwiches!

About Hari’s Sandwich:

Located in 3rd Block of Jayanagar Bangalore (diagonally opposite RR Gold Place), Hari’s Super Sandwich run by Mr.Hari has become a local landmark – which initially started out in a 6X4 room to cater the college students who need things quickly. It has now grown to a proper sandwich joint to accommodate the ever increasing patrons.

Regular Milk Bread is the primary ingredient of all the offerings here which is sourced from a top-secret bakery from Hindupur, Andhra Pradesh.

Milk Bread at Hari's Super Sandwich Bangalore

Milk Bread – What makes the sandwich tick!!

Dahi Toast:

Dahi Toast is essentially slices of tomato and onion placed between 2 slices of bread spread with Pudina chutney, which is then toasted and dressed with dahi (curd), chaat masala, salt, coriander, red chilli powder and boondi –  an absolute delight to the taste buds 🙂

Dahi Toast at Hari's Super Sandwich Jayanagar Bangalore

Dahi Toast – An absolute delight !!

Chilli Cheese toast

Cheese with chopped green chillies and salt stuffed between 2 slices and toasted and nothing beats these this on a rainy day 🙂

Chilli Cheese Toast at Hari's Super Sandwich Jayanagar Bangalore

Chilli Cheese Toast – Must Eat !!

Bread Masala:

Bread crumbs mixed with a variety of spices, carrots, chaat masala and bhujiya – for the hardcore chaat fans 😀

Bread Masala at Hari's Super Sandwich Jayanagar Bangalore

Bread Masala – Another Must Have !!!

Chocolate Toast:

Although I am a chocolate fan, this one tastes alike a Nutella in between bread. Try it if you have a sweet tooth 😀

Chocolate Toast at Hari's Super Sandwich Jayanagar Bangalore

Chocolate Toast – getting ready !!

At Hari’s Super sandwich, they don’t use a piece of paper or any device to take an order and yet surprisingly in my 2 years of frequenting this place , I have never seen Hari or any of his associates miss or goof up an order – RESPECT !!

Hari, owner of Hari's Super Sandwich Jayanagar Bangalore

Hari – the man behind the sandwich!!

Other Must Haves:

  • Bread Jam Toast
Bread Jam Toast at Hari's Super Sandwich Jayanagar Bangalore

Bread Jam Toast – yummmm!!

  • Dahi Boondi
Dahi Boondi at Hari's Super Sandwich Jayanagar Bangalore

Dahi Boondi – for the curd lovers !!!


No 121/A, 8th Main Road, Opposite-RBS ATM, Jayanagar 3rd Block  Bangalore, Karnataka 560011, India

Verdict: A Must Try

There is no place to sit and one has to wade through the hordes of people to order and get the sandwich, but the effort is worth and your taste buds shall remain grateful 🙂

The perfect evening snack – easy on the wallet and heavy on taste buds 😀

Four Seasons Indiranagar Bangalore

One of the challenging tasks in office is to zero-in on a place for a Friday team lunch. The challenge is to find a place which the veggies are comfortable, satiates the meat lovers and has enough space to accommodate the entourage 😀

Indiranagar in Bangalore has no dearth of restaurants which tick the first 2 aspects of the above, but lose out on accommodating a pultan of 20 hungry humans on a Friday afternoon – 4 Seasons, a multi-cuisine restaurant is the answer 🙂

About 4 Seasons:

Located on the the 4th floor of Navajyothi on 100 feet road opposite the Peter England showroom close to the KFC, the view from this restaurant  is the tree canopy of the 100 ft road.

Word-of-mouth is a very tricky word; I have stumbled and fumbled across some truly great and truly disastrous places to eat 😀 Gladly 4 Seasons falls under the good ones!

Word-of-mouth also suggested Chicken Biryani, Starter Platter (Veg and Non-Veg ) and the Hyderabadi desserts.

Chicken Biryani at 4 Seasons Indiranagar Bangalore

Chicken Biryani – A must have 🙂

Our Order:

–          Chicken Biryani

–          Veg Platter

–          Non-Veg Platter

–          Mutton Biryani

–          Naan Platter

–          Hummus

–          Veg Biryani

–          Double ka meetha

–          Khubani ka meetha

Veg Platter, an assortment of grilled paneer, gobi manchurian, baby corn fry, grilled corn and mushrooms – was good, not great; but good enough to order another one. Portions are large enough to fill 3 super hungry people.

Veg Platter at 4 Seasons Indiranagar Bangalore

Veg Platter – delight for a veggie !!!

Paneer stuffing Veg platter at 4 Seasons Indiranagar Bangalore

Paneer stuffed roll part of the Veg platter

Non-veg platter – Well I am a strict veggie with a weak knee for eggs; looked massive in terms on quantity.  4 Seasons don’t serve pork or beef – only chicken and mutton.

The Hummus was an absolute disappointment; Naan platter(assorted tandoori breads) was filling and ok.

The biryanis and the desserts took all the limelight and were absolutely delicious 🙂

Vegetable,Egg and Chicken Biryani at 4 Seasons Indiranagar Bangalore

Biryani Huddle 😀

Two dessert stalwarts of Hyderabadi cuisine – Double ka meetha ( toasted bread with rabdi) and Khubani ka meetha ( sweet based on apricot) tasted out of the world*

Khubani ka Meetha at 4 Seasons Indiranagar Bangalore

Khubani ka Meetha – Another must try !!!

Double ka Meetha at 4 Seasons Indiranagar Bangalore

Double ka Meetha – Yummmmmmm !!!

* This is my first stint with these sweets; send me a comment if you a find another place which beats these in Bangalore!!

SWEET ALERT: A single cup of these are super rich, took 3 of us to finish a single cup of meetha.

A meal is incomplete without the Double ka meetha and Khubani ka meetha, try them and you shall thank me 🙂

PS: Found the new skill of remembering the order of each one of the 20 team members : D

Bragging rights renewed : P


The food turned out to be very good, MUST VISIT 🙂