Turkish bread with hummus Tomato bread and olive salad at Turkish Central Restaurant Doha Qatar

Delicious Turkish breads Shawarma and Fresh-fruit Juices at Turkish Central Restaurant Doha Qatar

Established in 1988 by Mr.Bedi Kizilkaya, Turkish Central Restaurant on Al Mirqab Al Jadeed Street serves delicious fare of Turkish, Arabic and Mediterranean food.

From Appetizers such as assorted Mezze platter, hummus, salads, French fries etc to main course grills, Turkish breads, shawarma sandwiches, shawarma meals, BBQ with rice, Pies (Fatayar), fresh fruit juices and even sweets like Kunafa – they have them all and they make them absolutely good!!

Plate Chicken Shawarma meal with kebabs bukhari rice turkish bread and fresh mango juice at Turkish Central Restaurant Doha Qatar
Turkish Breads, Fresh Mango and Strawberry Juice, Plate Chicken Shawarma Meal, Bukhari Rice and Kebabs…

Fret not if you are a Vegetarian – their assortment of breads (Turkish breads, tomato bread etc), hummus, falafel, baba ghanoush, olive salad taste supreme over the non-vegetarian fare.

Loaded with grilled shawarma, pickled veggies, tomato breads, lots of French fries – their plate chicken shawarma meal tastes brilliant and even the smallest portion seemed daunting (after gorging on the Turkish breads and hummus – slurp!!)

Must eat:

  • Mixed Appetiser: a vegetarian platter containing 6 different types of Arabic mezze such as hummus, Olive salad, baba ghanoush, garlic sauce, chilli salad, filtered yoghurt etc [the best accomplice to eat with meat/Turkish breads/French fries]
  • Plate Chicken Shawarma Meal: this is the best shawarma I have tasted so far!
  • Fresh Fruit Juices: Mango, Strawberry, Watermelon, Kiwi etc – they have at-least 10-15 types of fruit juices
  • Kunafa: cheese kunafa is delicious – perfect sweet to finish the meal 🙂
  • Garlic mayo or Garlic sauce : this dip used to be complimentary, but now they charge extra (best dip to eat – don’t miss to order)
  • Hummus: smooth and flavourful
  • Olive Salad: a simple salad made of green olives- brilliant !

Useful Information:

  • Ambiance: Basic, fully air-conditioned restaurant
    • Separate section for family
    • Family, kids friendly + best visited in a group
  • Complimentary Bread basket: With every order, a bread basket containing Turkish bread, Tomato bread etc is served – which is absolutely delicious, we gorged on this and later had to parcel most of the main course 😀
  • Bukhari Rice: If you are an Indian, don’t order, since the Bukhari rice is non spicy and tastes flat (the Turkish, Arabic breads beat the rice in taste)
  • Expect a waiting time outside the restaurant, don’t get worked up by the queue, the food is worth the wait 🙂
  • Avoid Thursday evening/night – it gets very crowded and waiting times kinda become infinite
  • Food Service is quick, Don’t hang around, be considerate of the people waiting outside to eat
  • Parking:
    • Cars and motorcycles: no dedicated parking place + No valet parking + finding parking on the road is tough
    • Recommend to park them near Al Mirqab Mall and walk to the restaurant
  • Service options: Dine-in, Delivery and takeaway
  • Accessibility:
    • Wheelchair accessible parking: NO
    • Seating: NO
    • Restroom: NO
  • Payment: cash and cards (credit and debit)
  • Timings: Open all days of the week – 11am to 1:30am
  • Toilet: Present, separate for men and women
  • Location: Turkish Central Restaurant, Al Mirqab Al Jadeed Street, Doha [Google Maps Link]
Turkish bread with hummus Tomato bread and olive salad at Turkish Central Restaurant Doha Qatar
Tomato Bread, Hummus, Olive Salad & Turkish bread – just brilliant !!

Turkish Central Restaurant is the beacon of fresh, delicious, value-for-money Turkish, Arabic, Mediterranean food in Doha.

Bring your best appetite to eat, get as many friends/family to share the meal 🙂

bil-hanā’ wa ash-shifā’ 🙂

Best Gadbud icecream in Kumta at New Simla icecream parlour Kumbeshwar road

Best seafood lunch and ice-cream in Kumta Karnataka

Kumta is a bustling town surrounded by Arabian Sea on the west and Aghanashini river to the north that ultimately meets the sea – creating a triple ecosystem of sea, freshwater and estuarine fishes to savour 😀
While I haven’t encountered a “bad” (read NOT FRESH) seafood in Kumta, one seafood restaurant stood out.

Utsav Hotel, Kumbeshwar temple road, Kumta
Popular among locals, Utsav Hotel is a small, no-frill restaurant serving delicious fare of Mangalorean-style seafood at very economical prices.
A fish thali costs INR 70 !!

Best fish thali and chicken ghee roast in Kumta t Utsav Hotel
Best fish thali and chicken ghee roast in Kumta
  • Must eat: Fish Thali, chicken ghee roast, Anjal masala fry, prawns fry
  • Ambiance: non-AC, family and kids friendly
  • Parking: no dedicated parking space for cars and motorcycles (motorcycles can be parked in front of the hotel, not possible for cars)
  • Mode of payment: Cash, UPI
  • No toilet for men and women
  • No soft drinks are available
  • Timings: 11:30am to 3:30pm and 7pm to 10pm (open all days of the week)
  • Location: Utsav Hotel, Kumta (Google maps link)
Utsav Hotel Kumbeshwar road Kumta Karnataka
Utsav Hotel, Kumta

With the main course over, next building houses a popular ice-cream shop serving delicious Gadbud ice-cream 🙂

New Simla Ice-cream Parlour, Kumbeshwar temple road, Kumta
Hidden in a basement, they serve the best Gadbud ice-cream in Kumta.

Best Gadbud icecream in Kumta at New Simla icecream parlour Kumbeshwar road
Best Gadbud ice-cream in Kumta
  • Must eat: Gadbud, Lighthouse ice-cream
  • Ambiance: non-AC, family and kids friendly
  • Mode of payment: Cash, UPI
  • No toilet for men and women
  • Timings: 10am to 9pm (open all days of the week)
  • Location: New Simla ice-cream parlour, Kumta (Google Maps link)
New Simla icecream parlour in Kumta Karnataka
New Simla ice-cream parlour in Kumta

After such a meal, walk down to the beach to relish the sea breeze and catch a nap under a tree 🙂
Or if you aren’t lazy , head to the beautiful Mirjan Fort about 15kms from Utsav Hotel.

Useful Information on Mirjan Fort:

  • Mirjan fort is located about 15 kms from Kumta
  • Best mode of transport: motorcycle/private car , there are buses/auto-rickshaw which ply from Kumta to the fort
  • There is NO entrance fee to visit the monument
  • Parking: speak to the shops outside the fort to allow parking of the car, motorcycle and return the favour by buying snacks, cool-drinks, tender coconut etc
  • Fort Timings: 9 am to 6 pm (all days of the week)
  • Carry water, sunglasses and a hat while visiting Mirjan Fort
  • Fort-tour guide: Not available
The magnificent Mirjan Fort in Karnataka
Mirjan Fort – you beauty!!
At maravanthe beach - motorcycle touring on a Hero Karizma
Mandatory photo stop at Maravanthe beach
Fish meals with prawns rava fry and sole fish masala fry at JK Fishland Yediyur Jayanagar Bengaluru

Best Konkani Mangalorean sea food in Bengaluru at JK Fishland Yediyur Jayanagar

JK Fishland is an obscure small restaurant in Yediyur Jayanagar, but once you taste their Konkani-Mangalorean style of sea food – you would think twice of taking that “Mangalore food-trip” to satisfy the seafood craving.

Started 12 years ago, JK Fishland looks like a typical south-Indian darshini shod with steel chairs, cash-counter at the entrance and huge images of food-items over the open-kitchen counter.
But looks are deceptive, their seafood curries, fry and fish meals are lip-smacking and outdo the distinguished veterans such as Hotel Fishland, Kudla, Mangalore Pearl etc – in taste and price.

Chicken ghee roast with Neer dosa

Must eat:

  • Fish meals: thali containing boiled rice/white rice, 1 Neer dosa, 1 Bangda rava fry, fish curry, palya/subzi, chutney, buttermilk and a shot of rasam – all this for INR 90 only!!
  • Prawns ghee roast: this is master-class!! The best in Karnataka!!
  • Chicken ghee roast: the same ghee roast masala but with cooked boneless chicken (if one of allergic to shell-based fish – this is the best alternative)
  • Neer dose (1 plate contains 4 Neer dosas)
  • Sole fish masala fry
  • Anjal fish masala fry
  • Prawns rava fry: while the fry is delicious, the accompanying green chutney is the perfect side-kick
Absolute heaven!! – Fish thali with prawns rava fry + sole fish masala fry

Useful Information:

  • They serve soft drinks – such a meal is incomplete without them 😀
  • Buttermilk: can be ordered separately, best drink to calm a spicy meal!!
  • Seating is limited to 20-25 ppl at once (total of about 5/6 tables only)
  • Avoid weekends and peak lunch-time – it gets crowded (be an early bird and reach at 12pm/12:30pm for a more relaxed dining experience)
  • Taste of fish curry is way better than chicken curry
  • Ambiance: non-AC, family and kids friendly
  • Wheelchair access to restaurant: Yes, but the dining area is very small
  • Wheelchair access to toilet: No
  • Toilets: No toilets are present at the hotel for men and women
  • Parking:
    • Cars: no dedicated parking or valet parking (lots of by-lanes around the restaurant to park)
    • Motorcycles: no dedicated parking – one can park on the main road of the restaurant
  • Mode of payment: cash, UPI and cards (debit and credit) are accepted
  • Desserts: not available – there are lots of ice-cream and pastry shops in Jayanagar
  • For the Vegetarian: best to avoid – their entire menu is seafood and chicken only
  • Location: JK Fishland, Yediyur, Bengaluru (Google maps link)

Supremely delicious and affordable Konkani/Mangalorean seafood in Bengaluru.
Can’t wait to go again!!

Anjal fish masala fry

Mixture and snacks at Hotel Bhuvaneshwari Bajegoly Karnataka

Breakfast and snacks at Hotel Bhuvaneshwari Bajegoly SH169 Karnataka

Since 50 years, Hotel Bhuvaneshwari in Bajegoly has been a popular food-stop for locals and travellers due to its delicious food and a super clean kitchen.

Located in Bajegoly town, on the highway connecting South Kanara Border, Sringeri, Kudremukha, Kalasa, and Hornadu to Belthangady – Hotel Bhuvaneshwari serves a delicious fare of:

  • South kanara breakfast regulars – Neer dosa, poori bajji, idly-vada, Mangalore buns, biscuit rotti, goli bajji, pulav and more
  • lip-smacking condiment snacks – mixture, tukudi, murukku etc
  • Sweets – sanjeera, malpuri, laddu, jalebi etc
Puri bhaji breakfast at Hotel Bhuvaneshwari Bajegoly Karnataka
Simple and delicious puri bhaji
Mangalore buns and neer dosa for breakfast at Hotel Bhuvaneshwari Bajegoly on SH169 Karnataka
Mangalore buns and neer dosa – a staple breakfast of South Kanara

Must eat:

  • Mangalore buns
  • Neer dosa
  • Biscuit rotti
  • Puru bhaji and chutney
  • Goli bajji (served only in the evening)
  • Sweets such as sanjeera, malpuri (all sweets are served with a handful of fresh mixture)
  • Mixture: made fresh everyday by the masterchefs – the mixture and other savoury condiments are Super crisp, fresh and tasty (DO NOT forget to parcel multiple packs of mixture for the journey ahead :))
  • Kashaya: ditch the coffee or tea for a cup of this hot herbal drink that’s super soothing and tasty
Malpuri or malpua sweet at Hotel Bhuvaneshwari Bajegoly Karnataka
Mangalorean style of Malpuri or Malpua

Useful information:

  • The hotel is crowded over weekends by locals and tourists (expect a waiting time for large group or during peak time)
  • They also sell regular snacks like biscuits, chocolates, cool drinks, ice-cream etc
  • Ambiance: non-AC, family and kids friendly seating
  • Large groups: be prepared to sit in different tables and share your table with strangers (unlikely that the entire group would get a combined table)
  • How to order: find a seat, order with the waiter, eat and then pay for the food before leaving at the hotel entrance counter
  • Wheelchair Access to restaurant: Yes
  • Wheelchair access to toilets: No
  • Toilets:clean and separate toilets for men and women are available
  • Parking:
    • For cars and motorcycles: free parking at the entrance of the hotel
  • Mode of payment: cash and UPI (no cards are accepted)
  • Timings: 7am to 8:30pm (open all days of the week)
  • Location: Hotel Bhuvaneshwari, Bajegoly town, Karnataka (Google maps link)
  • The road to Hotel Bhuvaneshwari (SH169)– from Mangalore/Karkala/Nitte/Katpadi is very-well-laid tarmac offering stunning views of the Kudremuka range – best relished on a motorcycle 🙂
Stunning views of the Kudremukha national forest range between Karkala and Bajegoly SH169 Karnataka
Enroute Bajegoly – stunning views of the Kudremukha national forest range!!
Karkala to Bajegoly highway SH169 - one of the best-roads and scenic highways to ride a motorcycle in South Kanara Karnataka
SH169 – One of the most scenic highways to ride in South Kanara Karnataka

Simple ambiance, fresh food, snacks and reasonable prices make Hotel Bhuvaneshwari a must-stop hotel on the Mangalore-Sholapur highway(SH-169) in Karnataka.

Mixture and snacks at Hotel Bhuvaneshwari Bajegoly Karnataka
Do not forget to pack some mixture for the journey ahead
Ride to Kudremukha and Bhagwathi Nature Camp on a Hero Karizma
What lies beyond good food – even better vistas!!
Enroute Bhagwathi Nature Camp after Bajegoly
Achari paneer tikka at Patiala Lassi Sheshadripuram Bengaluru

Best soya chaap and lassi in Bengaluru at Patiala Lassi Sheshadripuram

Your search for the most authentic and delicious fare of vegetarian-only punjabi kababs and lassi in Bengaluru ENDS HERE.

Best soya chaap in Bengaluru at Patiala Lassi Sheshadripuram
Best soya chaap in Bengaluru!!

Located in Kumara park west, Sheshadripuram, Patiala Lassi is an easy-to-miss restaurant with its deceiving looks as a regular “milk-and-curd shop” (they do sell them :D) offering lip-smacking punjabi BBQ starters across paneer, mushroom, broccoli, soya chaap, pineapple, snacks like aloo tikki, chole kulcha and different types of lassis – regular, dry fruit-based and fruit-based lassi.

Choose the veggie and the seasoning for the BBQ amongst: Achari (most spicy), Hariyali (medium-spicy) and Malai (cream-based, least spicy).

Aloo tikki at Patiala Lassi Sheshadripuram Bengaluru
Aloo tikki chaat

Must eat:

  • Soya chaap : The best soya chaap in Bengaluru and rest of south India. Tastes so good, it’s even better than some of its counterparts up north and in Delhi [Dont miss – achari soya chaap and malai soya chaap]
  • Achari paneer tikka: soft, melt-in-the-mouth fresh paneer, marinated in achari-masala and BBQ’d on charcoal – beats all the paneer starters in Bengaluru
  • Aloo tikki: the perfect fusion of fried aloo tikki, curd and mix-mash of achari, imli, chaat masala – this one is for the curd-lover!!
  • Lassi: hands-down the most rich, delicious lassi in Bengaluru. While they offer close to 7-10 varieties of lassi, my personal favourites are khova lassi, dry-fruit lassi, sweet lassi
  • Malai mushroom tikka: mushroom and cream-based seasoning is a match made in heaven – absolute deliciousness!!
Achari paneer tikka at Patiala Lassi Sheshadripuram Bengaluru
Most delicious achari paneer tikka in Bengaluru!!
Kesar badam lassi at Patiala Lassi Sheshadripuram Bengaluru
Kesar badam lassi

Useful Information:

  • Patiala Lassi has 2 outlets in Bengaluru – Sheshadripuram and Sanjaynagar
  • Offers dine-in (no seating, only standing) and delivery (via popular food delivery partners)
  • Avoid standing “very-close” to the BBQ grill, since the ash from the charcoal tend to fly and settle on the food
  • They sell paneer, khova, curd etc by weight (highly recommend to buy the paneer, it’s super fresh, but slightly expensive than branded ones)
  • Chole Kulcha: I didn’t like the taste, while the Kulcha was soft and good, the chole lacked flavour 😦
  • Pineapple BBQ: while this is not available on the menu and on a regular basis – they will prepare this upon prior order (via phone) and based on availability
  • Ambiance: basic, non-AC restaurant
  • Wheelchair Access: No
  • Toilets: No restrooms for men and women
  • Parking for cars and motorcycles: no dedicated or valet parking space for both. Being a busy road, finding car parking is challenging
  • Mode of payment: cash and UPI
  • Timings: 10am to 10pm (open all days of the week)
  • Location: Patiala Lassi, Kumarapark West, Sheshadripuram, Bengaluru [Google maps link]

Go with a massively hungry I bet you would eat 2-3 times your normal capacity.

Salty watermelon salad at The Rogue Elephant Basavanagudi Bengaluru

The Rogue Elephant Basavanagudi Kanakapura Road Bengaluru

The Rogue Elephant in Basavanagudi is a lovely open air cafe to enjoy brunch or evening coffee.
The serene greenery in the cafe and a delicious fare of continental food come together to create a relaxed dining experience.

Mango and avocado salad at The Rogue Elephant cafe in Basavanagudi Bengaluru
Delicious mango and avocado salad

Must eat:

  • Mango and Avocado Salad: made with fresh mangoes, avocados, lettuce, almonds, raisins soaked in mustard-based sauce – this is a phenomenal salad
  • Hummus and Pita: this is the best in south Bengaluru, period.
  • Cold coffee: another masterpiece, this is one of the best cold coffee in Bengaluru (beats any artisan coffee shops and chains)
  • Grilled Babycorn with lemon butter: absolute deliciousness!!
  • Salty Watermelon Salad: fresh watermelon with salted cheese and some greens – this is the perfect salad for the summer!!
  • Soup of the day: from clear soups to sweet potato soup to pumpkin soup – the soup offered is different every day
  • Brownie with vanilla ice-cream: this simple dessert is made to perfection
Salty watermelon salad at The Rogue Elephant Basavanagudi Bengaluru
Salty watermelon salad
Walnut brownie with vanilla icecream at The Rogue Elephant Basavanagudi Bengaluru
Walnut brownie with vanilla icecream

Useful Information:

  • Ambiance: open air, non-AC
  • Staff is very friendly and service is quick
  • Wheelchair Access to the cafe: Yes
  • Toilets:
    • clean, separate restroom for men and women
    • No toilets with wheelchair access
  • Pet-friendly cafe
  • Parking:
    • Motorcycles: free parking on the footpath of the cafe
    • Cars: no dedicated parking space + no valet parking (lots of bylanes with free public parking)
  • Mode of payment: cash, debit,credit cards + UPI are accepted
  • Best to go with : family, wife, kids, pets, friends, groups
  • Timings: 11 am to 8:30 pm (open all days of the week)
  • Location: The Rogue Elephant, Kanakapura Road, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru [link to Google Maps]
Best Tikki Puri at Prakash Chats Girinagar Bengaluru

Delicious Tikki Puri and more at Prakash Chats Girinagar Bengaluru

This 20-year old chaat shop in Girinagar Bengaluru serves lip smacking Tikki Puri, tomato slice chaat, bun masala, kurkure chaat and more.

Started in 2001 by siblings Prakash and Rajasekhar, over the years Prakash chats has grown from a small gaadi (cart) at the corner to a proper brick-and-mortar shop.
What hasn’t changed is the delicious taste of chaats – made by one person (Mr.Rajasekhar) since.

Tomato Slice Chaat at Prakash Chats Girinagar Bengaluru
Tomato Slice Chaat

Must eat:

  • Tomato slice chaat: raw tomatoes layered with delicious condiments, tamarind-base sweet sauce, spicy chutney topped with sev and puffed rice – it’s a burst of flavours and juiciness of tomatoes!!
  • Bun masala: our Indian version of a burger packs a big nippat, flavoured peanuts, sweet and spice chutney and other condiments stuffed into a bun
  • Kurkure Masala chaat: When Kurkure and bhel came together, extremely delicious and best savoured right away before the Kurkure lose their crisp.
  • Special Bhel Puri: a delicious bhel Puri aka churmuri meets pineapple – this is a treat for the taste buds!!
  • Tikki Puri: save the best for the last!! Absolutely delicious
  • Pineapple slice: sliced pineapples topped with sauces and condiments
Bun Masala at Prakash Chats Girinagar Bengaluru
Pure deliciousness – Bun Masala
Best Tikki Puri at Prakash Chats Girinagar Bengaluru
Best Tikki Puri in South Bengaluru

Useful Information:

  • They DO parcel the chaats, but I highly recommend to eat them there – else they would get soggy and lose the crisp
  • While ordering, state how spicy the chaat should be – less, regular/medium and high
  • Family and kids friendly
  • Seating arrangement: it is a self-service small shop, not more than 5-6 people can sit at once
  • Mode of payment: cash and UPI only ( NO cards are accepted)
  • Timings: evenings only – 5 pm to 9 pm (open all days of the week)
  • Parking:
    • No dedicated parking for cars and motorcycles
    • Best to park the car in one of broader adjacent roads and walk to the shop
  • Location: Prakash chats, Girinagar, Bengaluru [Google Maps Link]
  • Catering: they undertake outdoor catering of chaats (Contact number: +919741338871)
Menu at Prakash Chats Girinagar Bengaluru
Prakash Chats Girinagar Bengaluru
Humble place, lip-smacking chaats..
Mushroom kabab and mushroom biryani with mushroom chilli and ragi mudde oota with mushroom curry at Hotel Oyster Hesaraghatta main road Bengaluru

Mushroom delicacies at Hotel Oyster Hesaraghatta Bengaluru

The Hesaraghatta main road is referred as “the mushroom highway”, courtesy the plethora of mushroom farms and hotels, food stalls serving ‘full-menu mushroom’ delicacies.

Most popular and the oldest (since 2006) is Hotel Oyster which is “the original mushroom hotel” on Hesaraghatta main road.

From “mushroom kababs”, “mushroom biryani”, “pudina mushroom”, “mushroom burger” “mushroom soup” and even “ragi mudde with mushroom curry” – they got’em all!!

Mushroom kabab and mushroom biryani with mushroom chilli and ragi mudde oota with mushroom curry at Hotel Oyster Hesaraghatta main road Bengaluru
Mushroom Kabab & Mushroom Biryani (both on the left) are “Must-Eats”

What to eat:
My personal favourites and must-try if you are visiting for the 1st time:

  • Mushroom kabab: the freshest mushrooms fried in lip smacking kabab batter, served with a freshly-cut onions, a slice of lemon and fresh pudina chutney (they even sell the kabab-masala separately)
  • Mushroom biryani: the best rice item on the menu.. mildly spiced short-grain rice with perfectly cooked mushrooms (it’s best paired with a soft drink!!)
  • Mushroom burger: the freshness of the burger bun, lettuce, veg-patty loaded with cooked mushrooms is supremely delicious – never did I imagine finding a burger this good, so far out of the city
Mushroom burger at Hotel Oyster Hesaraghatta main road Bengaluru
Mushroom burger – one of the best you can taste in the outskirts of the city

Useful Information:

  • Hotel Oyster is a pure vegetarian hotel, serving mushroom and paneer-based dishes
  • Fresh mushrooms (white button and oyster mushrooms) are sold at the hotel (minimum quantity is 500gms)
  • Ambiance: very basic seating arrangement + NO AC
  • Family and kids friendly restaurant
  • Best time to visit: Its crowded during the weekend, better to visit on weekdays
  • Parking: free car+motorcycle parking at the entrance of the hotel
  • Mode of payment: cash and UPI only (no credit or debit cards are accepted)
  • Wheelchair access: dining area of the hotel is accessible by wheelchair
  • Toilets: NO toilet facility is available for men, women + NO wheel chair access to the restroom
  • Timings: 7 am to 9 pm (open all days of the week)
  • Ragi mudde oota/Thali contains ragi mudde + white rice + mushroom curry + tangy rasam. It is available only between 12 pm to 4 pm + don’t hesitate to ask for extra rasam, mushroom curry (extra serving of curry is free)
  • Location: Hotel Oyster, Hesaraghatta main road, Bengaluru (link to Google Maps)

What to see around Hesaraghatta?

  • Hesaraghatta Lake: while the water levels in the lake has reduced, it’s still a beautiful place for bird watching
  • IIHR Campus: A must visit if you are into gardening, farming – the Indian Institute of Horticultural Research sports a massive campus accessible to public where one can buy fresh fruits and gardening/farming essentials such as seeds, saplings, cocopeat etc at very affordable prices (compared to Bengaluru city)
Hotel Oyster Hesaraghatta main road Bengaluru famous for mushroom food
The oldest hotel serving mushroom dishes..
Masala dosa + poori sagoo + badam halwa + basundi + curd vada + vada dip in sambar - breakfast at Ramyaa Restaurant Saraswathipuram Mysuru

Breakfast at Ramyaa Restaurant Saraswathipuram Mysuru

Formerly known as Ramya Drive In Restaurant, the present avatar aka Ramyaa Restaurant located in Saraswathipuram, no-longer sports a drive-in restaurant, but retains the delicious taste of pure vegetarian South Indian cuisine.

What to eat:

  • Must-eat includes masala dosa, set dosa, vada, upma, curd-vada aka thair vada and poori-sagoo washed down with filter coffee
  • If you are a sweet-tooth, their badam halwa, basundi and jamoon are the show-stoppers, too damn good to have only one serving :d
Masala dosa + poori sagoo + badam halwa + basundi + curd vada + vada dip in sambar - breakfast at Ramyaa Restaurant Saraswathipuram Mysuru
Breakfast of Champions – masala dosa, poori sagoo, curd vada, basundi, badam halwa and sambar-dipped vada 🙂

Useful Information:

  • Not just breakfast, they serve a full-course lunch spanning south-Indian, north-Indian and Chinese cuisines
  • Ambiance: non-AC + family-kids friendly dine-in restaurant with seating arrangement
  • Service: very good, the waiters are obliging and helpful with extra serving of sambar, chutney etc
  • Wheelchair Access to the restaurant: Yes, the restaurant is on the ground floor for the wheelchair to be wheeled-in
  • Wheelchair access to Restroom: No, the restroom is no wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair
  • Mode of payment: cash, cards (debit and credit) and mobile wallet, UPI are accepted
  • Cost of breakfast: Slightly expensive @ INR 400 (average cost for 2 persons )
  • Parking:
    • For cars: no valet parking, but plenty of free parking space on the road outside the restaurant
    • For motorcycles: plenty of free parking space on the road outside the restaurant
  • Timings: 7 am to 9:30 pm (open all days of the week)
  • Location: Ramyaa Restaurant, Kantharaja Urs road, Saraswathipuram Mysuru (Google Maps link)
Jamoon at Ramyaa Restaurant Saraswathipuram Mysuru
One of the best jamoon in Mysuru 🙂

For your own safety:

  • Wear masks, sanitise regularly, wash hands with soap.
  • Follow social distancing and avoid going out unnecessarily.
  • Stay safe and don’t hesitate to consult a doctor.
Breakfast ride to Mysuru and Bandipur on a BS6 Yamaha MT-15
Nothing refreshing than a forest breeze on a motorcycle – at Mangala village road, Bandipur
Thai red curry with chicken and sticky rice at Thai House Indiranagar Bengaluru

Thai House Indiranagar Bengaluru

Craving for Thai food in Bengaluru..

Look no further than Thai House, a small Thai restaurant in Indiranagar overshadowed by the bustle of the surrounding pubs and restaurants.
Thai House serves lip-smacking, authentic Thai fare of vegetarian, chicken, seafood (fish, prawns, squids etc) and beef dishes.

What to eat:
Like most Thai restaurants, the menu is pictorial – you can see the image of the dish on the menu (super convenient on what to expect)
I highly recommend to try the below:

  • Appetiser:
    • Papaya salad (can be ordered as veg/seafood/fish/egg etc) is absolutely refreshing, tasty and not heavy on the stomach.
    • Tom Yum soup (can be ordered as veg/seafood/fish/chicken) is a riot of flavours , aromatic and cooked to perfection with spices
    • Note: 1 bowl of soup is massive and can serve 4 persons
Veg Tomyum soup and thai papaya salad at Thai House Indiranagar Bengaluru
Veg Tomyum soup and Thai papaya salad
  • Drink: Ice Lemon tea is my favourite, they do serve soft drinks as well
  • Main Course:
    • Thai Red Curry and Thai Green Curry: both are delicious and supercharged with strong aromatic spices.Pair this with a bowl of sticky rice or steamed white rice.
    • Pad Thai Noodles: Non-spicy, rich in flavour and very tasty. They come with a load of sprouts and crushed peanut powder – that add the crunch and elevate the taste.
    • Note: the main course portions are big, so order as you go.
Thai red curry with chicken and sticky rice at Thai House Indiranagar Bengaluru
Thai red curry with chicken and sticky rice
  • Dessert: very limited options, it’s best to avoid this and head out to your favourite ice-cream/pastry shop in Indiranagar
    • Strawberry Desserts: head to Milano ice cream, about 500m from Thai House to savour the strawberry sundae made from fresh strawberries.
Strawberry Sundae at Milano Icecreams Indiranagar Bengaluru
Strawberry Sundae @ Milano Ice-cream, Indiranagar

Useful Information:

  • Ambiance: Family-friendly + AC restaurant with a seating capacity of about 30-35 persons.
  • Wheelchair access: Yes (it’s on the ground floor, so wheelchair can be wheeled-in)
  • Vegetarians: Consider the following before visiting:
    • Restaurant smells of sea-food (not very strong, but certainly present) due to the nature of cooking
    • Vegetables added to the veg-dishes are limited to tofu, mushrooms, corn etc
  • Parking:
    • Cars: No dedicated parking space or valet parking (lots of by lanes with designated parking space)
    • Motorcycles: free parking on the curb of the restaurant
  • Cost of meal: INR 800 for 2 persons
  • No beer/alcohol is served at the restaurant
  • Mode of payment: Cash, debit/credit cards, UPI payment are accepted
  • Service: is good and quick (before ordering, ask for food ingredients, spices to ensure you aren’t allergic)
  • Timings: 11:30 am to 11 pm ( open all days of the week)
  • Location: Thai House, 100 feet road, Indiranagar, Bengaluru (google maps link)