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Food, Motorcycles and Travel are my essentials, can’t think of a life without them. Bangalorean and a Motofoodie, who travels in search of places serving delicious food on a motorcycle 🙂

Review Policy:

My intention is to guide you to the best places to eat in & around Bangalore and places of my travel .

  • I don’t notify the restaurant about the review – I review them anonymously
  • I pay for my food contrary to the popular notion of a FREE MEAL for bloggers 😛

And finally, my opinions and experiences are just ‘mine’ – so if you disagree, feel free to say so!

Ajay Ananth










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21 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey, I am Rohan V Ganachari, 18 years of age & got into The Motor-cycling world 6 months ago (Dec 29th 2011) when I got My ‘Undreamed’ Bike, Honda CBR 250R, little did I know, it would change My Life & give entry to a whole new world – Motorcyclying… So thats about Me…

    I have read five of your stories :-

    1) My R1 Story – The SBK Dream
    2) SaddleSore 1000 on an Yamaha R1 in India
    3) 2 Years Onboard myYamaha R1
    4) Motorcycle Riding Tips for Urban Commuting
    5) Motorcycled – Living the Motorcycle

    And now I am your fan, sat for one hour without moving an inch. Your storeies have inspired me & made me feel the rush all over again..


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  2. Good day sir,

    I am Rohan V Ganachari, a member of BornRiders. I had read your article about the SS1000 a few months ago and now, I have decided to do the same on 30/03/2013 to be the Youngest Indian to complete the SS1600K.

    I have one query sir, how do I approach a store or a company to sponsor me on any item ?
    The same way you had been sponsored by the Vega Helmets.

    Thank-you. 🙂


  3. Hello, could you please share your email id with me. Need to take your permission to use a photoraph. Thanks in advance


  4. Hey Ajay, I have sent you an email about Wicked Ride India. Please do have a look.


  5. This page is brilliant. Just brilliant. Man I wish I could have the honour to do a ride with you one day and wish you would share your experiences with me. Fantastic man..


  6. Travel and food? I’m on board! 😀 Thanks to Babs for leading me to your page 🙂


  7. I love your blog. I was checking for pictures of ‘best coffee and breakfast in Bangalore’ on google and almost all the pictures I liked were from your blog site. I simply had to visit, and I’m glad I did! Keep discovering and continue blogging coz I’m looking forward to more posts. 😀


  8. Sir I’ve sent you an e-mail to you. Sir if possible please have a look at it. thank you.


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