Weekend Bike Ride from Bangalore – Mydala Lake Tumkur Road

Mydala lake or Mydala kere is one of the few lakes within 100kms from Bangalore where the entire shore is made out of a rock. Surrounded by the beautiful Mandargiri or Basadi betta, a hillock with Jain temples at the top dating back to 12th century AD.

While the basadi betta has been a popular jain pilgrimage spot, the overlooking lake at the bottom of this monolith is more peaceful, charming and relatively desolate.

Mydala kere and Basadi betta are accessible by different routes, do not expect to climb the hillock and descend to the lake. Entry to the lake is via small patch of trail from Mydala village accessible only by walking or by motorcycles (not accessible by cars).

Mydala kere Kyathasandra

Mydala kere

There are 3 sections/viewpoints of the lake – 1st one being the pumphouse, followed by riding on top of the lake bund and finally onto the rock-based shore leading to the lake.

While the lake adorns one side of the shore, its surround by beautiful rocks and an abandoned shrine making a majestic setting to try your photography skills.

Mydala kere is accessible only by motorcycles or by walking

Beautiful Hillock as the background of Mydala kere

Rock formations on the shore of Mydala lake Kyathasandra

Straight outta Kyathsandra – majestic rock formations at Mydala kere

Useful Information:

  • Mydala kere is accessible by 2 wheelers only – No car can reach the lake [If travelling by car, expect to walk about 1-2 kms from the road to reach the rock-shore of the lake]
  • Don’t try to swim or get into the water – there isn’t anyone around to rescue
  • Recommend carrying water and snacks if you planning to spend some time here
  • No entry fee or special permit required – but make sure to maintain the sanctity of the lake
  • The best part about this place is there is nothing to do here – than adore this beautiful landscape
  • Please don’t litter and carryback any thrash you find – lets do our bit to leave no thrash behind
  • A potential place to camp overnight – I haven’t camped here, but I strongly recommend checking with the locals in Mydala village (since there is a lot of wildlife around) – be humble and do not go against the advice of the locals wrt camping
  • Do not a miss a chance to take a nap behind the boulders – its super cool under them πŸ™‚
  • Location: Mydala Lake Kyathasandra [Google maps link]
  • Where to eat: Pavitra Idli Hotel, Kyathasandra
  • When to visit: early morning is the best time – avoid visiting after 9am , gets super-hot
Benne Idli Sagu at Pavithra Idli Hotel, Kyathasandra Tumkur

Benne Idli Vada Sagu at Pavitra Idli Hotel, Kyathasandra


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