Guide to VRL Motorcycle Transportation in India

Every year May-June, the roads to Himalayas open, attracting hundreds of motorcyclists to pursue their dream rides to the magical Northern frontier. While a fortunate few can afford to ride all the way up-north, transporting motorcycles to the nearest entry point via road and rail saves time and energy.

Motorcycle Crate Transport (popularly known as Motorcycle Cage Transport) by VRL Logistics involving transporting motorcycles in an enclosed crate with minimal/nil damages is becoming a popular option.

Motorcycle crate transport facility is available only across select VRL Logistics Warehouse centers in India.

Motorcycle Transportation Crate Types - Big and Regular at VRL Logistics India

Motorcycle Transportation Crate Types – Big and Regular

Here is all you need to know about motorcycle transportation in a cage by VRL:

Booking Procedure:

  • There is NO system to pre-book/block a motorcycle crate ONLINE
  • One DOES NOT need an AGENT to book or transport
  • Call the VRL Logistics Warehouse Office, provide the details of the destination, number of bikes and date of journey to narrow down the loading date and cost of the transport
  • Cost of the transport (includes transportation + packing) is calculated based on:
    • Type of crate (Regular & Big for the giant ADV motorcycles)
    • Destination

Transport Procedure:

Consists of 3 steps – Documentation, Packing and Loading/Mounting on the crate.


  • Couple of forms need to be filled before they pack/load the motorcycles
  • Verification of motorcycle documents by VRL officers
  • Documents to be submitted to VRL:
    • Copy of RC Card/Motorcycle Registration
    • Copy of Valid Insurance
    • Copy of Valid Emission Certificate
    • Copy of the Driving Licence
  • Payment to be done on the day of the loading in CASH or ONLINE TRANSFER ONLY (No CARDS/DIGITAL WALLET payment is accepted)
  • A Consignee Copy aka Pink Note is provided as acknowledgment of the motorcycle transport – this needs to be shown at the destination to receive the motorcycle

Packing: includes emptying the fuel + packing the motorcycle and the motorcycle gear before loading onto the crate

Loading: includes mounting the motorcycle on the crate and securing the crate with a personal lock

Anticipate a total time-frame of 3 hours to finish the documentation, packing and loading for each motorcycle.

Packed Motorcycle & Gear Secured into the Crate at VRL Logistics Dabaspet

Packed Motorcycle & Gear Secured onto the Crate


Read to Load the VRL Motorcycle Transport Crate into the trucks - At VRL Logistics Dabaspet

Ready to Load  into the trucks!

Useful Information:

  • The Bangalore VRL Logistics Warehouse Facility is located at Dabaspet, about 40-50 kms from the city
  • Contact Number of Manager of VRL Dabaspet (Mr. Murthy) – +919343097329
  • Carry a Long-chain with a lock OR Wire Lock to secure the crate
  • Packing material is available in sufficient quantities at the Logistics center – so its not required to carry personal packing material
  • Work Tip: The packing guys expect and demand a tip of 200 bucks/person
  • Carry fuel jerry cans to take back the fuel removed from the motorcycle
  • Carry sufficient amount of water + snacks
  • DO NOT miss the ice-cream at Polar Bear located 3 kms from the VRL Facility in Dabaspet
  • Smoking is NOT ALLOWED in the warehouse – one has to walk out beyond the loading docks to smoke
  • Pack and load your motorcycle gear and spares into the crate
  • DO NOT FORGET to Carry the Chain/Wire Lock Key + Consignee Copy + Motorcycle Ignition Key
Fresh Mangoes with Icecream and Cream at Polar Bear Dabaspet

Never miss a chance to eat icecream 😛 – 3 kms from VRL Dabaspet

Happy Touring 🙂


18 thoughts on “Guide to VRL Motorcycle Transportation in India

  1. It is very informative. How many days it takes to reach Chandigarh and Within how many days we need to collect the bikes


    • Thanks Lakshyajit 🙂 It took about a week for the bikes to reach Chandigarh and once they reach they give a day buffer, beyond which they charge for storage on a per day basis (Not sure how much is the storage cost).



  2. what will be cost of transferring bike from torangallu (KA) TO MATHURA .


  3. How much time it took to deliver the bike from bangalore to chandigarh? I am planning to send my bike from bangalore to chandigarh, they say i need to send my bike 12 days in advance of start of my journey. Want to know on the history how much time it takes to transport the vehicle. Also how far is vrl godown in chandigarh from chandigarh airport.


    • Hi Anil,

      12 days is a good buffer to send – for us it took about 7 days (Blore to Chandigarh) – I suggest you go with the time the VRL guys recommend.
      We took a cab from the airport to the VRL warehouse in Chandigarh – took us about 30 – 45 minutes to reach.

      Hope this helps – have a good ride 🙂



  4. What all things you can send along with your bike? Is there a limit on quantity of items you can send along with the bike?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Anything that doesnt explode can be sent 😛
      Assuming you are transporting the motorcycle in a VRL cage – you can send the following:
      – Riding gear
      – Spares, extra tyres, empty fuel cans etc [as long they fit inside the cage with the packed motorcycle]
      – Camping gear etc


  5. How did you bring back the bike after the trip? Same method or did you ride back to Bangalore? And what was the cost of your return method?


  6. Hey, is this the best option you found compared to gati or using train parcel service or other movers? Thanks.


  7. How much charges from
    Bangalore to Guwahti
    And Bangalore to Itanagar


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