Bedekar Tea Stall Pune

Misal or widely known as Misal Pav, is one of the most popular breakfast items in Maharashtra and different regions serve their respective versions of Misal such as Puneri, Kolhapuri, Nagpuri, Khandeshi and Nashik.

Puneri Misal, the version of Misal served in Pune has been perfected by Bedekar Tea Stall, has been serving delicious Puneri Misal with bread slices since 60 years.

A typical Misal Pav would include:

  • Base Mixture of Usal curry & batata (potato) bhaji
  • Curry known as Tarri/Kat/Rassa
  • Chivda or Farsan
  • Garnish of onions, coriander & tomatoes + lemon wedge
  • Pav bread

Bedekar Tea Stall is a simple restaurant with very basic ambiance, but thrives on ‘serving delicious food’ and ‘great service’ – how many restaurants do you find nowadays, where the serving staff and owners greet you with a genuine, warm smile.

At Bedekar, misal has to be paid, ordered at the counter and then served at your table, one has to choose between spicy or non-spicy curry (tarri/kat/rassa).

Puneri Misal is mild on spice compared to the Kolhapuri Misal.

Puneri Misal at Bedekar Tea Stall Narayanpeth Pune

Puneri Misal – The Best Misal I have tasted!!

I highly recommend to try their Chilled Solkadhi, a drink made from coconut milk and kokum which is absolutely refreshing and aids digestion as well.

Useful Information:

  • Timings: Tuesday to Saturday (7 am to 7 pm) + Sunday (7 am to 3 pm) + Closed on Mondays
  • Cash only, no cards are accepted
  • Ample place to park 2-wheelers
  • Weekends are crowded, head on a weekday to relish the Misal Pav
  • Location: Bedekar Tea Stall, Munjabacha Bol, Narayan Peth Pune
Bedekar Tea Stall at Narayanpeth Pune

Bedekar Tea Stall


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