Mysore Pak Hotel Ramanagara

A typical south-Indian breakfast ends with filter coffee or tea, the one at Janardhana Hotel in Ramanagara ends with a ‘Mysore Pak’ – locals, hotel staff, regular patrons belovedly  call it the ‘Mysore Pak Hotel’.

About Hotel Shri Janardhan :

Located inside Ramanagara, a bustling town on the way to Mysore from Bangalore is popular among rock-climbers and wildlife enthusiasts – Hotel Shri Janardhan has been serving delicious food (breakfast + lunch + dinner) since 1926 – but its claim to fame has been ‘Mysore Pak’ and ‘Badam Halwa’.

Masala Dosa:

Crispy and roasted in ghee, the ‘red chutney’ smeared on the inside is what builds the flavor to the dosa  – I love it!!

The sambar can be skipped – its the regular chutney that tastes yumm.

Masala Dosa at Hotel Shri Janardhan or Mysore Pak Hotel at Ramanagara Karnataka

Delicious Masala Dosa 🙂

Mysore Pak:

I m not a fan of ‘mysore pak’, but this one got me hooked!! – it’s the ghee that makes it so delicious  – this is the ‘supreme form of mysore pak’ , I doubt it can get better .

Mysore Pak at Hotel Shri Janardhan or Mysore Pak Hotel at Ramanagara Karnataka

Mysore Pak – I bet you cant just eat one 😀

Badam Halwa:

Loaded with badam pieces and generous amounts of kowa and ghee – a single cup will keep your sweet pangs in control for atleast a week – absolutely delicious!!

Tip: Avoid ordering multiple breakfast items – save space to gorge on the super filling and rich ‘mysore pak’ or ‘badam halwa’ or ‘jamoons’  😛

Hotel Shri Janardhan or Mysore Pak Hotel at Ramanagara, Off Mysore Road Karnataka

Mysore Pak Hotel – Ramanagara

Useful Information:

– Location: Janardhan Hotel Ramanagara Town (off Mysore Road), Karnataka

– Timings: 7:30 am to 9:30 pm (Dosas are available till 1130 am and resume from 4 pm onwards)

– Closed on Thursday

– Cash-only , no cards are accepted

– Parking: No dedicated parking


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