Best Fresh Mango Foods in Bangalore

I am yet to come across a person who doesn’t love mangoes, people across all age groups wait with bated breath on when the King of fruits will hit the markets, making it the most awaited fruit in the year.

Being a mango lover, here is my pick of must-try fresh mango foods in Bangalore :

1) Special Mango milkshake

Loads of chopped mangoes with thick mango milkshake and a dash of white cream – it doesnt get better than this πŸ™‚

Where: Sagar Hotel Rajajinagar Bangalore

Special Mango milkshake at Sagar Hotel Rajajinagar Bangalore

Special Mango Milkshake – deliciousness!!

2) Fresh Mangoes with Vanilla Ice-cream

β€˜Simple is delicious’ – there is nothing that beats this combination – freshly chopped mangoes with vanilla icecream, absolutely yumm!!!

Where: Corner House Ice-creams across all outlets in Bangalore

Fresh Mangoes with Vanilla Ice cream at Corner House Bangalore

Fresh Mangoes with Vanilla Ice cream – Simplicity Rocks!!

3) Puri with Aamras

A typical Maharashtrian breakfast delight – puris taste even better with Aamras (flavored mango pulp with milk)

Where: Rajavardhan Foods, Jayanagar 9th block, Bangalore [Locate on Google Maps]

Open from: 10 am to 10 pm

Puri with Aamras at Rajavardhan Foods Bangalore

Puri with Aamras – Next best to Shrikhand πŸ˜›

4) Raw Mango Masala with Corn

This will bring all the taste buds to life – raw mangoes + assortment of spices + sweet corn cooked in charcoal.

Don’t forgot to ask for double masala and extra lime πŸ˜€

Where: VV Puram Food Street, Basavanagudi

Mango and corn masala - VV Puram food street Bangalore

Mango and Corn Masala – sets the taste buds into frenzy!!!

5) A Simple Mango Milk Shake

Who says a fruit-juice cannot replace a dessert – a mango milk shake made of fresh mangoes can resurrect anyone πŸ˜›

Where: Sri Ganesha Fruit Juice Center across all outlets in Bangalore

Fresh Mango Milkshake at Sree Ganesha Fruit Juice Bangalore

Fresh Mango Milkshake – Delicious is an understatement πŸ™‚

The above delights should last till June-end– time for tango with mango!!

An interesting trivia for motorcyclists is the famous true story of how Harley Davidson used mangoes to enter the motorcycle market in India in 2010.

Hail the King of Fruits!!


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