Smallys Restocafe Ulsoor Bangalore

Smallys claim to fame has been – India’s smallest café (at-least they have certificate that says so!!), but clearly that needs to be changed to- India’s smallest café that churns out the “yummy comfort food”.

Located in Ulsoor, along the lake the café can accommodate no more than 15-20 people at one-go (inclusive of the basement section + mezzanine floor section).  The interiors are small and are likely to provide a claustrophobic feel to anyone over 6ft – but the food makes-up for such inconveniences 😀

The quantities of food especially the Pizzas and Burgers are like mini-versions and don’t fill up – but that’s a good thing since one can cover more spread on the menu 🙂

Must Haves:

  • Lord of the Wings: chicken wings with mayo – tastes so yumm that it should be framed!!

             Mayo-fans: At-least 4 mayo servings to polish one-serving of chicken wings (one of the best mayonnaise I have tasted..)

Lord of the Wings at Smallys Bangaloreys

Definitely – Lord of the Chicken Wings !!

  • Smally’s Brownie Shake: full marks for the presentation, quantity and the right blend..

This one is super-filling highly recommend to share with your loved ones 😛

Smallys Brownie Shake Bangalore

Smallys Brownie Shake – a meal by itself!!

  • Napoli Lasagne (Chicken): Sigh!! I need more – absolutely brilliant [a big hug to the chef 🙂 ]
Napoli Lasagne at Smallys Ulsoor Bangalore

Napoli Lasagne (chicken) – Delicious !!!

The ‘OK’ ones:

Let me clear things here – these are good, but not the stuff that deserve a personal thank-you to the chef.

  • Chicken Steak with Pepper Sauce, Veggies & Fries:
Chicken Steak with Pepper Sauce, Veggies and Fries at Smallys Bangalore

Chicken Steak with Pepper Sauce..

  • Original Chicken Burger:
Original Chicken Burger at Smalls Ulsoor Bangalore

Original Chicken Burger – was a disappointment 😦

Useful Information:

  • Address: Skywalk, 5/1, Near Body Craft Spa & Salon, Assaye Road, Ulsoor, Bangalore
  • Open All Days : 11am to 11pm
  • Car parking is tricky over the weekends and during the evening – lots of by lanes to park them
  • The café is motorcyclist-friendly (parking right in front of the café with a clear view of the motorcycle)
  • Get rid of all the shopping bags and laptops in the car – it is the smallest café and be prepared for those frequent contacts with folks at the next table


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