Hill Station Cafe Bangalore

A laid back café run by friendly folks with a niche menu, limited seating, warm wooden interiors and lots of crayons and paper to sketch till they close down – This is your typical café straight out of the Mall Road from Darjeeling or Shimla or Nainital or Lansdowne or Mussoorie  🙂

With all honesty, the food they serve isn’t out of the world (its good – but not the kind that would sweep you off your feet).

Nestled on the outskirts, away from the city’s chaos and dust-filled roads, Hill Station Café serves English cuisine on the lights on cookies, ice-teas, coffee and sandwiches (which resemble a burger). Since majority of their patrons are expats, the food they serve is almost NIL on spice; don’t hesitate to ask for a Spice-Upgrade.

With a relatively small menu and a bunch of hungry friends, we tried pretty much everything they could churn-out. Here is my pick of the must haves:

  •  Nachos with Salsa Dip

They offer a cheese dip version (avoid it unless you are a Cheese Fondue fan).

Nachos with Salsa Dip - Hill Station Cafe Bangalore

Nachos with Salsa Dip

  •  BBQ Chicken Sandwich (Spicy)

The best thing they make – BBQ’d spiced chicken shreds with pickled gherkins is a NO-Brainer!!

BBQ Chicken Sandwich - Hill Station Cafe Bangalore

BBQ Chicken Sandwich (Spicy)

  •  Home-made Cookies (White chocolate & Dark Chocolate)

If you’re a fan of the cookies from Subway, these are the next level!! They make these on-the-fly, so don’t be dissapointed if they are over, ask them to make a fresh batch 🙂

Home made white & dark chocolate Cookies - Hill Station Cafe Bangalore

Home-made Cookies – Yumm 🙂

  •  Mac & Cheese

Very bland, highly recommend to bump up the spice or use generous amount of chili flakes.

Mac and Cheese - Hill Station Cafe Bangalore

Mac & Cheese – comfort food at its best 🙂

  •  Tuna Sandwich

I am not a huge fan of them, but based on my buddy’s tasting skills(which I trust) – this one is good.

Tuna Sandwich - Hill Station Cafe Bangalore

Tuna Sandwich

To drink, I recommend any of the flavored ice-teas and the hot chocolate with extra chocolate 🙂

Hot Chocolate at Hill Station Cafe Bangalore

Hot Chocolate – one isn’t enough!!

Good to know Info:

  •  They are closed on Sundays (other days they close at 8pm)
  • Cash only (no cards)
  • Limited Seating (max of 15 to 20)
  • Location: Google Maps Link
Hill Station Cafe- Bangalore

Hill Station Cafe- Bangalore


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