Hotel Sri Satyanarayana Someshwara – Agumbe

There is a popular Danish phrase ” The road to a friend’s house is never long” – in our case it is “The road to a good food place is never long”.  So a bunch of us rode  all the way from Bangalore based on the mere mention from a friend about good food at the end of Agumbe ghat.

Enroute to Someshwar SH 65- Karnataka - between Shimoga & Thirthalli

Serene roads with great food at the end – perfect getaway 🙂

Located at the foothills of the Agumbe ghat amidst beautiful greenery and the gorgeous  Sita river – Hotel Sri Satyanarayana, a family run hotel started by Mr. Subraya Shenoy about 38 years has become a breakfast hot-spot  among travelers from Shimoga, Hebri & Kundapur.

Although this place is known for its Neer Dosa and Mangalore Buns (which were good for my palate ), it was Avalakki (flattened rice with masala) with curd and the Kadabu Idli with vada which did just justice to the 370kms ride from Bangalore 🙂

Highly Recommended:

Avalakki with curd – 22 INR /plate

Avalakki with Curd - Hotel Sri Satyanarayana, Someshwar, Agumbe Karnataka

Avalakki with Curd – Minimum 3 plates/person is required :d

Kadabu Idli (2)with Vada (1) – 22 INR /plate

Kadabu Idli with Vada  at Someshwar, Agumbe Karmataka

Kadabu Idli with Vada – yumm 🙂

Useful Info:

  • Time – 7:30am to 9:30pm
  • Open all the days of the week
  • Cash is the preferred – cards seldom work
Mangalore Buns - Hotel Sri Satyanarayana Someshwar, Agumbe Karnataka

Mangalore Buns…


Foothills of Agumbe Ghat – This place is big and the popular breakfast joint once you descend the Agumbe ghat – so there is no-way one can miss this.

Hotel Sri Satyanaryana - Someshwara (after Agumbe Ghat)

Hotel Sri Satyanaryana – Someshwara (after Agumbe Ghat)

Hint: Ask the Agumbe Forest Checkpost (from Thirthahalli side)



10 thoughts on “Hotel Sri Satyanarayana Someshwara – Agumbe

  1. Wanna visit this place Ananth 🙂 Great info bro !!!


  2. Those buns make me hungry now! ;D


  3. Always a treat to read your blogs Ajay 😀


  4. Nice pics Ajay, that goli vade makes me wanna ride now 😃


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