2 Years Onboard myYamaha R1

There are certain moments life which one can never forget like the first kiss, your first goal for your school football team and then there are some which ‘ DEFINE YOU ‘ – Your First knee down, your first SBK !!

January 3rd 2010, after 11years and 48 days from the day I had seen a 1998 R1, I was the proud owner of a 2008 Yamaha R1. The adrenalin spike I had the very first time I sat on my super-bike was UNPARALLEL and all this even before I had cranked the R1.

I knew that from this day forward, Come What May, I would go down as an R1 owner and NO ONE could steal that feeling from me and Its bloody impossible to phrase the experience, you gotta FEEL IT.

The R1 evokes the exact feeling every single I board the saddle (apart from the last 2 fuel stops during the Saddlesore run πŸ˜› ).

2008 Yamaha R1 -Front View

My daily dose of adrenalin πŸ™‚

In-spite of its mind-boggling power and the FEEL LIKE GOD presence, the R1 has made me HUMBLE and PATIENT , it has taught me to respect the other motorists on the road, it constantly remindsΒ  me to keep a CHECK on the right wrist.

Lessons from the R1:

Not only does one appreciate the ferocious power of this hooligan, but you start to understand so much about the ‘Motorcycle Behavior and Dynamics‘ and the feedback you get it absolutely brilliant which prepares you for – what to expect, motorcycle’s behavior to your minor inputs.

I mean, all these are so pronounced on a bigger engine motorcycle that it is IMPOSSIBLE to MISS THEM.

How to make it special ?

The entire night I was thinking about How special can I make this day for the R1 ? Apart from the regular stuff of binging on Speed 97, good old wash and polishing.

Deep down I knew the best way to celebrate this occasion had to be ‘ A SOLITUDE RIDE with the R1 and a brilliant tarmac –Β  A Quality Conversation between the rider and the motorcycle’Β  and a dedicated ‘Diary‘ to my R1 – The R1 Diaries πŸ™‚

It has been 2 glorious years riding and living with the R1 and if I could I would do it all over again πŸ™‚

A Big Hug and Thank You‘ to my parents and all my pals who have been a part of this journey, without their well wishes, it just wouldn’t have worked πŸ™‚

Cheers to more motorcycling and hopefully an outing on the race track soon; you have and will always be loved, cherished and treated as family; your companionship is the BEST GIFT to my existence.

May the urge to explore roads and food never cease πŸ™‚

KTM (Keep Touring More) πŸ˜€

2008 Yamaha R1 - Rear view

Spirit of Touring on the R1


  1. Maga!!! Congrats first of all πŸ™‚ And ur words bot ur ride was a true Adrenaline dose for me too πŸ™‚ Wish U milions of more smiles per mile πŸ™‚ Taqke care and KTM πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰



  2. Wow what a coincidence….was just ogling on the pics of your R1 today on FB πŸ™‚ Congrats man…the R1 has always been my dream bike and I know it’s going to be a dream for some years till I crack something big. The first time I saw and R1, I kissed it on the fairing- and cranking it was like a 10,000 volts jolt in my body.

    Congrats to you and your bike and nice to see you both roll kms under its belt.



    1. Thanks Deepak πŸ™‚
      This reminds of an incident When I first saw the 2003 R1 in flesh with my girl. My girl back then said “If only you would look at me like that, I will be yours forever”.

      The R1 evokes such feelings, cant help it πŸ˜›



  3. YellowStone, it was awesome on the f800, R1 was too much for that road it is so difficult to stay in low speed on those beautiful roads, specially when you can see miles of straight road in front of you. I have finally decided the bike I am going to own for a long time and travel a lot in it. v-strom. It is just awesome, I thought Ill get the f800 that dam thing is expensive and the maintenance is even more, so japanese it is… Currenty I have no bike. But soon, planning on doing some crazy trip once I get the Strom.



    1. Spring Time = Riding time πŸ˜›
      The Suzuki Storm is a nice motorcycle to tour, the BMWs literally overshadow all the other tourer motorcycles although their quality is worth the money, but darn expensive to maintain 😦

      Nice, looking forward to your Storm adventures πŸ™‚



  4. GoT mY Weeeeeeeeee-StRoM finally, I’ll create my log soon, i’ll name it
    “In the hunt for warm beach and good food” I really wish if there was good food here is so sad here. I hate the food here what a piss off…



  5. Woow… nice story(sorry true story) of you and your SBK-R1. Never got a chnce to read this so far. Felt happy after reading and proud that my friend has own the SBK…. Finally.

    Happy and Safe Riding Ajay….!!! πŸ™‚



  6. I stumbled upon your post in Xbhp, and a story unfolded. A story of passion, and probably absolute devotion to your dream and the will to make it happen!! The Yamaha YZF R1 was not the first SBK I laid my eyes upon, but nothing spoke to me like It did the very first time i found myself staring @ it. Not the Hayabusa, or the Gixxer or this or that. It was the R1. It is the R1. It’ll be the R1!!

    If all goes well, I’ll be the proud owner of an R1 in another 3-4 years, all with my own money and sweat, and that day, it’ll be one of the biggest of the biggest days of my life!!

    FYI, i was the guy who asked you about the cramster saddle bags and about the saddle sore, (didn’t do it though, for my ride till hubli showed a lot of construction happening) and I got to this post when I was searching for a really good R1 picture. BTW, had heard about your efforts to get the R1 from Dempsy (not the full story) but finally read it in full on Xbhp.

    One more time, CHEERS!!!!



    1. Thanks for your kind words Suhas, glad you have found love – R1 πŸ˜€

      My best wishes for your R1 and yes I remember about your enquiry on saddlebags, glad you loved the story πŸ™‚



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