Let the touring begin :D

It is said that the ‘Journey is more important than anything ‘, the destination doesn’t matter, the time of the journey is irrelevant.

So what makes a ‘Journey‘ unique is the  ‘Company‘ and  boy I have missed this dear ‘Companion‘ (My Motorcycle) who has been such fantastic sport on all outings, taking everything in its stride (butter-smooth expressways, countryside roads, dirt roads, heck even a Mining Quarry).

It has been 2 months since the last time I have done a big one on my motorcycle mainly due to the unavailability of the tires (Looks like the govt is not happy with just the hike in petrol prices) and the much needed BIG SERVICE for the R1.

Now the R1 is back ‘On the Road ‘ plonked with new Michelin Pilot Road 2 tyres 🙂

Michelin Pilot Road 2 for the 2008 R1

Michelin Pilot Road 2 for the 2008 R1

The 2008 Yamaha R1 in full glory

The R1 in full glory

Now the Touring starts 😀 and first blood is Mandalpatti, Madikeri

Mandalpatti - Madikeri

Mandalpatti - Madikeri Image Courtesy: Nishanth

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