Orange Blur – Smitten by the KTM Duke 200

There are some things in life which ‘Just Appeal’.  You have that instant connection; no conditions, no reasons, no expectations – just sheer attraction.

It is this ‘Instant Connection’ which the KTM 200 gets out of me. Its like this motorcycle is designed for ME !!

Just look at the Duke 200, it exudes a sense of sanity and aggression. The technical specs give wet dreams to any 200cc enthusiast .

KTM Duke 200

The gorgeous KTM Duke 200

The KTM Duke 200 is the perfect balance of  ‘The Saint and the Sinner’.

The last time I was so kicked up about a motorcycle launch was back in 2007 when Yamaha brought their flagship model, the YZF-R1 to India.

My world has turned ‘Orange‘, all I see is an ‘Orange Blur‘.

KTM for me is no longer Keen To Meet but Keep Touring More !!!

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