Sharon Tea Stall Tippasandra Bangalore

Nothing lights up a gloomy rainy evening than a nice cup of chai, what adds to the experience is when the chai shop guy acknowledges you with a smile and your favorite cup of chai even before you order :)

Started by Mr. Daniel Jebaraj in 2007, Sharon tea stall serves about 50+ varieties of beverages from exotic tea flavors like blueberry, hibiscus, peppermint to milk tea such as vanilla tea, masala, elaichi, chocolate tea and also some interesting coffee brews such as chukka coffee, ginger coffee etc

I am yet to try all the 50+ varieties and their coffee variants but my personal favorites till date include:

Mud pot tea:

This brings back so many memories of my travel in trains serving matka chai – the flavor of earthen pot infused in tea :)

Mud pot tea at Sharon Tea Stall Tippasandra Bangalore

Mud Pot Tea & Chaklis :)

Honey Ginger Lemon Tea:

One of the best forms of lemon tea I have tasted – the right balance of tea, spices and sugar (Most of the other places kill the taste of non-milk tea with excessive sugar)

Honey Lemon Ginger Tea at Sharon Tea Stall Tippasandra Bangalore

Mini Delights :D

Masala Elaichi Tea:

I can drink this all day long – such harmony of simple spices coming together !!

Masala Elaichi Tea at Sharon Tea Stall Tippasandra Bangalore

Masala Elaichi Tea with Salt Biscuits

PS: I highly recommend to try the tidbits such as mini-samosas and chaklis

Useful Information:

5 Breakfast Ride Getaways from Bangalore – 3rd Edition

There is no joy better than discovering new food places on a motorcycle and with the deteriorating quality of breakfast served at regular chains such as Kamats, A2Bs etc these traditional/family-run breakfast joints uphold the promise of authentic and delicious South-Indian breakfast.

Presenting the third edition of 5 breakfast ride getaways from Bangalore:

1) Idly Mane, Harohalli

Run by a husband and wife, Idly Mane serves ‘soft-as-butterthatte idlis along with chutney and sagu (potato-based curry)

Thatte Idli at Idli Mane Harohalli, Kanakpura Road NH209

Thatte Idli at Idli Mane Harohalli

2) Subbanna Mess, Melkote

This is ‘a typical brahmin mess’ serving all 3 meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner) throughout the year and one has to remove footwear before delving into food (symbolic of hygiene and respect to food)

  • Must try – Sakkare Pongal + Puliogare + thatte idly
  • Timings – 6 am to 12 pm (only breakfast) – they are open till 11 pm , Open all days
  • Distance from Bangalore – 130 kms
  • Location – Subbanna Mess, Melkote, Karnataka
Puliogare and Sakkare Pongal at Subbanna Mess Melkote

Puliogare and Sakkare Pongal at Subbanna Mess Melkote

PS: One has to remove footwear to eat the food in the dining section (They also have a separate verandah where one doesn’t need to remove their footwear to eat)

3) Shri Janardhan Hotel, Ramanagara, Mysore Road

This place is for the sweet-tooth foodie – breakfast + mysore pak or badam halwa + filter coffee is the recommended course of action :p

Masala Dosa at Hotel Shri Janardhan or Mysore Pak Hotel at Ramanagara Karnataka

Masala Dosa at Mysore Pak Hotel, Ramanagara

4) Shree Veerabhadreshwara Bhavana, Halagur

Discovery of this place is dedicated to a dear friend Praveen. This is your typical hanchina-mane (tiled house) serving breakfast in Halagur, a bustling town on NH209 before Malavalli.

  • Must try – Masala dosa + pakodas (their norm is 2 masala dosas in a single plate : D)
  • Timings – 6 am to 11 am and 3:30 pm to 7 pm, Open all days
  • Distance from Bangalore – 90 kms
  • Location – Shree Veerabhadreshwara Bhavana Halagur, Kanakpura road, NH209
Masala Dosa + Pakoda at Shree Veerabhadreshwara Bhavana, Halagur,NH 209

Masala Dosa + Pakoda at Shree Veerabhadreshwara Bhavana, Halagur

5) Harsha Café, Mandya

One of the most popular breakfast places in Mandya, Harsha Café serves delicious south Indian breakfast and snacks throughout the day.

  • Must try – Set dosa + coffee
  • Timings – 7:30 am to 8:30 pm
  • Closed on Friday
  • Distance from Bangalore – 100 kms
  • Location, Harsha Cafe VV Road, Mandya
Set Dosa at Harsha Cafe, VV Road Mandya

Set Dosa at Harsha Cafe Mandya

All the above places don’t accept cards (cash only) and do not have dedicated parking for motorcycles.

Don’t forget to check out the First and Second edition of breakfast ride getaways from Bangalore!!

Living with a Triumph Daytona 675R

The Daytona 675 R is the first middleweight sports motorcycle to be sold in India, a segment which is hailed as the ideal mix of usability and sports performance.

Having clocked over 3000 kilometers on my 2015 Daytona 675R, here is my ownership experience to help you decide if this is/isn’t the motorcycle you want to live with.

Let me bring this upfront – this ownership experience touches upon the two most significant things a regular motorcyclist does – ‘city commute’ and ‘highway touring’. If you are a track junkie you already know what the Daytona 675R represents.

Touring on the Daytona 675R at Kolli Hills

En route to Kolli Hills – Love the Night Fury inspired headlights :)

City Commute – It’s possible!!

Honestly this was a surprise – it is such a beautiful thing to putter around the city and the heat from the engine and radiator is actually manageable (in bumper-to-bumper traffic) and one wouldn’t burn his/her inner thighs since the frame of the motorcycle wouldn’t be in contact with the rider’s legs (unlike the 2008 R1).

Would I use this as a daily commute to work – definitely

Pillion Comfort – Exists for a sports bike

This is an ‘out-and-out rider’s motorcycle’ – however pillion comfort is far better on this than the litre class supersport motorcycle (the grab-rails on the motorcycle does provide some support for the pillion to hold on).

Braking – Precise

Thanks to the front & rear Brembo discs, the motorcycle can brake on a dime. The ABS-ON is the default mode which can be switched off completely.

My personal favorite is the Race-ABS that deactivates the ABS to the rear-wheel (say hello to rear-wheel slides :P)

Touring: – hell yeah!!

Touring on any sports bike is harsh on the back and wrists of the rider and the Daytona 675 R is no exception – in fact the riding posture is more aggressive than the 2008 R1.

  • Fuel – Lack of availability of premium fuel is one of the biggest inhibitors to tour on sports bikes – the stock Daytona 675R bridges that gap – runs like a charm on regular octane fuel. Aftermarket exhausts on this would demand premium fuel (97 octane)
  • Suspension (Fully adjustable front and rear Ohlins suspension) – the comfort offered by the plush suspension makes this one of the easiest sports bike to tour – on even bad roads.
  • Tyres – The stock Pirellis are brilliant on tarmac and wet but are a lost cause in slush or in gravel.
  • Luggage – Even a simple backpack with a bungee cord does the trick – I personally use the Kriega US-series that worked well on the R1.
  • Tank Range – A good 240 to 270km on a full tank on the highways is a reasonable and a welcome/mandatory break for the rider from the aggressive riding posture. (One can expect an average of 16 to 17kmpl while touring on highways)

Things I love about the Daytona 675R:

  • Intoxicating Engine & Exhaust Note – I am huge sucker for the engine & exhaust note from an inline4 motorcycle, but this is absolute music to hear in any RPM (Whistling Nirvana!!) unlike most inline-4s that need to rev beyond a certain RPM
  • Low & Mid-Range Power – What a delight to ride in the lower RPMs!!  unlike the rev-happy inline4 supersport motorcycles. The ample torque between 3000 to 6000 RPM removes the possibility of shifting down to 1st gear in stop-go traffic or to counter the road humps.
  • Fully-Adjustable Front & Rear Ohlins Suspension – This is what makes the R – ‘tune it for your purpose’ – Set it for a Racetrack or Street riding or Touring
  • No Premium Fuel – Oh it is such a relief to just fill regular octane fuel (unlike my previous R1) while touring finding premium fuel on the highways is akin to finding a needle in a haystack.
  • QuickShifter – the throttle open shifts puts a smile every-single-time :)
Touring on the Triumph Daytona 675R at Fringe Ford Wayanad

At Fringe Ford Wayanad


  • Riding in rain – Due to the clearance between the fork assembly and the side panels, the heat from the radiator & engine fogs/clouds the helmet visor of the rider, windscreen bubble
  • No 4-way hazard lights
  • Mirrors – Absolutely useless with a Riding jacket +pillion limiting the complete visibility
  • Excessive chain spray sticks on the catalytic converter of the exhaust system, the heat from the cat con seals the chain lube onto the surface rendering the chain clean spray useless
  • No extension to the side stand to pull it down – but one gets used to it after a bit
  • Instrument Console
    • Reading the console during broad daylight (mid-day) is a challenge
    • The total odo reading is visible only while starting the motorcycle
    • The fuel gauge gets activated (upon a refill) only after the motorcycle is in motion and not instantly ( I still don’t understand the logic behind this)

If you love touring on sportbikes – the Triumph Daytona 675R is the best bet, the sweet low and mid-range power to ‘soothe the commuter /tourer‘ and the ‘ferocity to give goose bumps for the racetrack aficionados‘.

Bhat Hotel Peenya Industrial Area Bangalore

Good food is very often, even most often, simple food ’ Anthony Bourdain’s most famous quote sums up what to expect at Hotel Gurukripa popularly known as  Bhat Hotel – simple and good vegetarian food from breakfast to lunch to evening bites to dinner.

Located in the industrial area of Peenya,  Bhat’s Hotel is synonymous to home for patrons (from machine-shop guys to the VP Marketing, C-suite brass) who frequent this place for at-least 2 meals a day. The place is crowded throughout the day and yet somehow (call it experience or people management or quick service) it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to find a table even during peak lunch-hour.

Jamoon with ice-cream and chopped bananas:

Hot jamoon and cold vanilla ice-cream with banana slices marinated in the vanilla-essence sugar solution of the jamoon – Trust-me you will finish at-least 2 of them (even on a full-stomach :P)

Jamoon with icecream at Bhat Hotel Peenya Industrial Area Bangalore

Delicious Jamoon with bananas in Vanilla essence syrup :)

Pongal & Lemon Rice:

Pongal (combination of rice + dal + spices) and lemon rice dominate the lunch-orders (tastes delicious + served quick)

Pongal and Lemon Rice at Bhat Hotel Peenya Industrial Area Bangalore

Rice never tasted so good !!

Sangeeta Snack:

We never ordered this actually – but the owner insisted to try this one (their own ‘food symphony – Sangeeta‘ a tribute to the 7 musical notes encompassing 7 types of flavors from the ingredients) – this is the perfect snack to gorge on during that evening spell of rain with filter coffee.

Mixture snack with spices at Bhat Hotel Peenya Industrial area, Bangalore

7 Flavors that delight the taste buds!!

Kesari Bath:

Pineapple-chunks elevate the taste of this popular-south-Indian sweet – yumm!!

Kesari Bath at Bhat Hotel Peenya Industrial Area Bangalore

Kesari Bath with Pineapple!!

Useful Information:

Hotel GuruKripa or popularly known as  Bhat Hotel in Peenya Industrial Area Bangalore

Bhat Hotel or Bhat Canteen or Hotel Gurukripa – Peenya Industrial Area


Mysore Pak Hotel Ramanagara

A typical south-Indian breakfast ends with filter coffee or tea, the one at Janardhana Hotel in Ramanagara ends with a ‘Mysore Pak’ – locals, hotel staff, regular patrons belovedly  call it the ‘Mysore Pak Hotel’.

About Hotel Shri Janardhan :

Located inside Ramanagara, a bustling town on the way to Mysore from Bangalore is popular among rock-climbers and wildlife enthusiasts – Hotel Shri Janardhan has been serving delicious food (breakfast + lunch + dinner) since 1926 – but its claim to fame has been ‘Mysore Pak’ and ‘Badam Halwa’.

Masala Dosa:

Crispy and roasted in ghee, the ‘red chutney’ smeared on the inside is what builds the flavor to the dosa  – I love it!!

The sambar can be skipped – its the regular chutney that tastes yumm.

Masala Dosa at Hotel Shri Janardhan or Mysore Pak Hotel at Ramanagara Karnataka

Delicious Masala Dosa :)

Mysore Pak:

I m not a fan of ‘mysore pak’, but this one got me hooked!! – it’s the ghee that makes it so delicious  – this is the ‘supreme form of mysore pak’ , I doubt it can get better .

Mysore Pak at Hotel Shri Janardhan or Mysore Pak Hotel at Ramanagara Karnataka

Mysore Pak – I bet you cant just eat one :D

Badam Halwa:

Loaded with badam pieces and generous amounts of kowa and ghee – a single cup will keep your sweet pangs in control for atleast a week – absolutely delicious!!

Tip: Avoid ordering multiple breakfast items – save space to gorge on the super filling and rich ‘mysore pak’ or ‘badam halwa’ or ‘jamoons’  :P

Hotel Shri Janardhan or Mysore Pak Hotel at Ramanagara, Off Mysore Road Karnataka

Mysore Pak Hotel – Ramanagara

Useful Information:

– Location: Janardhan Hotel Ramanagara Town (off Mysore Road), Karnataka

– Timings: 7:30 am to 9:30 pm (Dosas are available till 1130 am and resume from 4 pm onwards)

– Closed on Thursday

– Cash-only , no cards are accepted

– Parking: No dedicated parking

Town Canteen Chikmagalur

Chikmagalur is known for mountains, coffee, wildlife, rallying and Malnad cuisine such as ‘neer dosas’, ‘kai kadubu’, ‘akki rotti’ , ‘chicken curry’, ‘biryani’  etc; relatively less know is this small-place churning out delicious benne masala dosas and jamoons.

Town Canteen, located in the heart of Chikmagalur town has been serving South-Indian breakfast delights since the 1960s.

Back in the 1960s they used to cook the food elsewhere and serve them underneath a tree, as their business grew – they shifted to the current place on Rathnagiri road (close to SH57 Vijayapura)

Benne (Butter) Masala Dosa:

Crispy and laden with butter, this is on-par with some of the best masala dosas I have tasted till date (so close to the CTR masala dosas in Bangalore) and the chutney just elevates the dosa experience.

Benne Masala Dosa at Town Canteen Chikmagalur

Crispy Delight :)


‘No one can eat just one’ :P – I bet you will have at-least have 3 or 4 – easily the best jamoons I have tasted till date.

Jamoon at Town Canteen Chikmagalur

Best Jamoons in Chikmagalur :)

Filter Coffee:

Chikmagalur is the home of coffee – no wonder they serve the best.

Filter Coffee at Town Canteen Chikmagalur

Filter Kappi at its best :)

PS: I tried other stuff such as curd vada, kesari bath, bisi bele bath etc – but they turned out to be ok.

Useful Information:

Filter Coffee at Town Canteen Chikmagalur

Perfect Weekend – Motorcycling with delicious breakfast :)

Must Try Mango Delights in Bangalore

I am yet to come across a person who doesn’t love mangoes, people across all age groups wait with bated breath on when the King of fruits will hit the markets, making it the most awaited fruit in the year.

Being a mango lover, here is my pick of must-try fresh mango-based foods in my city:

1) Fresh Mangoes with Vanilla Ice-cream

‘Simple is delicious’ – there is nothing that beats this combination – freshly chopped mangoes with vanilla icecream, absolutely yumm!!!

Where: Corner House Ice-creams across all outlets in Bangalore

Fresh Mangoes with Vanilla Ice cream at Corner House Bangalore

Fresh Mangoes with Vanilla Ice cream – Simplicity Rocks!!

2) Puri with Aamras

A typical Maharashtrian breakfast delight – puris taste even better with Aamras (flavored mango pulp with milk)

Where: Rajavardhan Foods, Jayanagar 9th block, Bangalore

Open from: 10 am to 10 pm

Locate on Google Maps

Puri with Aamras at Rajavardhan Foods Bangalore

Puri with Aamras – Next best to Shrikhand :P

3) Raw Mango Masala with Corn

This will bring all the taste buds to life – raw mangoes + assortment of spices + sweet corn cooked in charcoal.

Don’t forgot to ask for double masala and extra lime :D

Where: VV Puram Food Street, Basavanagudi

Mango and corn masala - VV Puram food street Bangalore

Mango and Corn Masala – sets the taste buds into frenzy!!!

4) Mango Milk Shake

Who says a fruit-juice cannot replace a dessert – a mango milk shake made of fresh mangoes can resurrect anyone :P

Where: Sri Ganesha Fruit Juice Center across all outlets in Bangalore

Fresh Mango Milkshake at Sree Ganesha Fruit Juice Bangalore

Fresh Mango Milkshake – Delicious is an understatement :)


The above delights should last till June-end– time for tango with mango!!

An interesting trivia for motorcyclists is the famous true story of how Harley Davidson used mangoes to enter the motorcycle market in India in 2010.


Hail the King of Fruits!!