Living with a Yamaha YZF-R3

After a phenomenal stint in track-oriented performance motorcycling with the R15, Yamaha India kind of fell through the cracks with a heavy focus on volume-driven scooters until the launch of YZF-R3 in late 2015.

Powered by a 321 cc parallel twin, the Yamaha R3 is a hybrid motorcycle that handles a track-day and trip to Rann of Kutch with equal ease and grace.

Having spent some days with the 2016 Yamaha R3 – here is my ownership experiences to help you decide if this is/isn’t the motorcycle you wanna live with.

This review is based on a non-stock YZF-R3 laced with the following goodies:

  • Akrapovic GP Slip-on
  • Aftermarket Chain & Sprockets for a better initial punch
  • ZeroGravity Aftermarket windscreen
  • Metzeler Sportec M5 Interact Tyres
Yamaha YZF-R3 with Akrapovic-GP-exhaust in India

Certain Combos can never go wrong !!

City Commute:

A necessary evil nonetheless, commuting on the R3 is actually a pleasant experience for the rider and the pillion. The riding position isn’t very aggressive and the softer suspension provides a supple ride.

Pillion Comfort:

Exists – except for the water spray onto the back of the pillion during rains.


Tarmac touring is where the R3 shines, throw-in a couple of kilometers of broken, bad roads and it doesn’t complain, courtesy the beautiful chassis and suspension.

  • Fuel – happy to gulp 91-octane regular without any chatter/knocking, expect a tank range of 280 kms
  • Suspension – equipped with conventional telescopic front forks and a swing-arm rear, the suspension is very plush, however the rigidity of a Up-Side Down (USD) fork for a sports motorcycle is missed
  • Tyres – the stock MRFs are an absolute disaster & offer poor grip in ALL conditions, highly recommend switching to Metzelers or Pirellis as soon as you buy the motorcycle
Touring on a Yamaha YZF-R3 in India, Malur karnataka

Tour Master Mode😀

Things I love about the Yamaha R3:

  • Brilliant Engine– the show-stopper of the motorcycle – the parallel twin 321-cc 4-stoke engine offers beautiful refinement
  • Chassis– I have to remind myself that this isn’t a Deltabox but a Diamond frame – what a fantastic motorcycle to ride into, around and out-of-a corner.

Such a Bummer:

In spite of paying close to 4 lakhs INR, the R3 misses out on essentials of a performance motorcycle such as:

  • Tyres – The stock MRFs offer poor grip and are cross-ply aka non-radial tyres
  • No ABS
  • No Steel braided Brake Lines
  • The motorcycle felt cramped for my height (5’10), after riding close to 300 kms my knees started to complain
  • No USD front suspension

The R3 strikes ALL the Right chords in Engine, Handling and Braking departments – making it a reliable and a well-rounded motorcycle to commute, tour and race in a closed track.

Yet it lacks  ‘The Oomph’ – the ‘Revs Your Heart’ element is thoroughly missed in the DNA of the R3😦

Biryani Ride Getaways from Bengaluru

The urge to ride a motorcycle on an empty highway at dawn in search of a breakfast place is incredible, yet some mornings are meant to be spent in a warm blanket than in a riding jacket on-board a motorcycle!!

Well that’s when you outta go-back to the bed and wake up for biryani-lunch ride😀

Presenting the best biryani ride getaways from my beloved Bengaluru:

Chinnaswamy Naidu Biryani, Hosur:

Started in the 1920s in Dindigul, Chinnaswamy Naidu, originally a chicken-dealer moved to Hosur after independence perfected the Dindigul biryani.

  • Location: Rajmahal Complex, Bypass Road (Opposite to the new Hosur Bus Stand) Google Maps Link
  • Timings: 11:30 am to 3:30 pm (Open all days of the week)
  • Cash and cards are accepted
  • Type of Biryani: Dindigul Biryani (Chicken, Mutton & Biryani Rice)
Dindigul Biryani at Chinnaswamy Naidu Biryani in Hosur

Dindigul Biryani at Chinnaswamy Naidu

Hotel Hanumanthu, Mysore:

Easily the most famous and replicated biryani place in Mysore. The folks who run the original hotel on Akbar Road in Mandi Mohalla, Mysore call it ‘Pulav’ due to the nature of the preparation and not biryani. Hotel Hanumanthu has been serving gastronomical pulav and mutton chops since the 1930s.

Based on my friend’s recommendation – the mutton chops are extremely delicious and a must-eat.

  • Location: Akbar Road Mandi Mohalla, Mysore Google Maps Link
  • Timings: The timings vary on a day-basis – as provided below:
    • Monday Holiday
    • Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday : 7 am to 10:30 am & 12 pm to 4:30 pm & 6 pm to 10 pm
    • Thursday: 2 pm to 4:30 pm & 6 pm to 10 pm
    • Saturday: 12 pm to 4 pm only
  • Cash only
  • Type of Biryani: Pulav (Mutton & Biryani Rice)
  • Chicken pulav is served only on Sundays
Mutton Pulav Rice at Hotel Hanmanthu Mysore

Mutton Pulav Rice at Hotel Hanumanthu

Jai Bhuvaneshwari Military Hotel near Srirangapatna on Blore-Mysore Highway:

If you are a fan of Donne Biryani, this place serves a similar one except the Donne – locally known as Gowdru-style biryani.

  • Location: Baburayankoppal, Near Srirangaptna on the Bangalore-Mysore Highway
  • Timings: 11:30 am to 4 pm (open all days) – Monday holiday
  • Cash only
  • Type of Biryani: Gowdru-style biryani (Chicken, Mutton and Biryani Rice)
  • Chicken pulav is served only on Sundays
  • The place usually packed with partially-drunk borderline-violent men😀 – so visit this place with discretion😛
Mutton Biryani at Jai Bhuvaneshwari Military Hotel Bangalore-Mysore Highway

Mutton Biryani at Jai Bhuvaneshwari Military Hotel

Rahamaniya Hotel, Ambur:

The original hotel that kick-started the popularity of ‘Ambur Biryani’. In fact Star Biryani. Managed by one of the brothers is an offshoot of Rahamaniya Hotel.

  • Location: O V Road Mootukollai, Ambur Google Maps Link
  • Timings:
    • 11:30 am to 5 pm & 6 pm to 9 pm (open all days – except Saturday)
    • 11:30 am to 3 pm (on Saturdays only)
  • Cash only
  • Type of Biryani: Ambur Biryani or Vanyambadi Biryani (Chicken, Egg & Kuska rice aka biryani rice)
Ambur Biryani at Rahamaniya Hotel in Ambur

Ambur Biryani at Rahamaniya Hotel


Touring on a Yamaha R3 in India in search of biryani

Perfect to explore biryanis on the highways🙂

Track Day with TWO Indimotard at Kari Coimbatore

Motorcycles represent ‘freedom’ and ‘speed’. While we are adept at handling freedom, handling speed needs training and situational awareness – what better place to learn, unlearn and practice them, than at a riding school on a racetrack.

TWO (Throttle Wide Open) by Indimotard Adventures is first track riding school in India helping you get faster, better and become more aware of riding a motorcycle in the smoothest possible way.

TWO track riding school at Kari Motor Speedway Coimbatore

My First Trackday – woohoo!!

What to Expect at TWO ?

Conducted at Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore, the 2-day riding school consists of theory-classes called Sessions and track riding time called Drill, where the techniques taught in the classroom are put to practice on the racetrack.

They have 3 categories or levels at the riding school:

  • Level 1 or L1 for beginners who have never ridden on a racetrack
  • Level 2 or L2 is the next level where advanced techniques are taught. L2 need completion of L1.
  • Open Sessions are pure track-riding time and has no classroom time. Open sessions need completion of L1.

I attended the L1 track sessions which covered motorcycle basics, survival reactions, vision, target fixation, body position, counter-steering, throttle control, cornering and brakes.

Indimotard Team (Track Instructors)

  • Anand Dharmaraj aka Anna, the brainchild & founder of Indimotard
  • Shubhabrata Marmar aka Shumi from Overdrive magazine
  • Vignesh Vaidyanathan aka the monk who was one of the first students to complete all levels at TWO and CSS
  • Daniel Anandaraj aka Dodo whose motto is to Shut Up and Ride😀

Indimotard Team (Track Officials)

Prashanth Kumar aka the Nomad & Pavan Shrikanth to ensure things work smoothly on and off the track.

Instructors of TWO Throttle Wide Open Riding School at Kari racetrack Coimbatore

Humor & Learning – Go Hand in Hand during Sessions at TWO😀

For L1, the max intake of students is 25 to 30, allocated across the 4 instructors who lead, follow & monitor your riding on the track, providing feedback and tips to improve.

Attending the TWO track riding school by Indimotard at Kari Speedway Coimbatore

The Best Weekend with my brother🙂

Useful Information:

  • Riding Gear: Although Leather riding suit is preferred, Indimotard allows textile riding gear (which is scrutinized in great detail to ensure safety before riding) + Helmet, riding gloves and shoes are mandatory
  • Track Day Fees is INR 13,500 per person includes track sessions + classroom + lunch for both days + 4 liters of water + Transport to and from the race track to the Hotel in Coimbatore town
  • Additional Expenses:
    • Fuel for track riding
    • Reaching Coimbatore
    • Hotel Accommodation
  • Motorcycle Transport from Bangalore to Coimbatore is available for INR 4,200 per motorcycle (to-and-fro)
  • Track Time: On an average, we did about 120 laps over the 2 days
  • DO not miss to relish the delicious biryani and meals at Hotel Annalakshmi opposite Coimbatore Railway Junction
Chettinad Biryani at Hotel Annalakshmi in Gopalpuram Coimbatore

Chettinad Biryani at Hotel Annalakshmi in Gopalpuram Coimbatore

Thank You Indimotard team for helping me understand the art of riding a motorcycle better, train To Act Not React in situations and become a more-aware motorcyclist.

Sri Lakshmi Tiffin Centre Mulbagal

Mulbagal is famous for magnificent temples, rock-climbing and delicious food (dosas, idlis and chaats). In-fact cooks from Mulbagal often find a place in the entourage of Karnataka’s ministers during their tours/campaigns.

Mulbagal or Mulabagilu translates to Eastern Door in Kannada. Historically Mulbagal was the easternmost gateway to the majestic Vijayanagara Empire and the previous state of Mysore.

Onion Dosa at Sri Lakshmi Tiffin Centre Mulbagal

Onion Dosa – I know it resembles a pizza😛 – Tastes way better!!

Sri Lakshmi Tiffin Centre represents the epitome of  dosa-making in Mulbagal and is thronged by the locals for their daily-dose of breakfast and evening snacks.

Although the menu varies – staples include dosas (Masala, Plain and Onion), Idli (Thatte Idli, Regular Idli, Sabakki Idli), Rice bath (varies daily) and mini-vadas.

Masala Dosa at Sri Lakshmi Tiffin Centre Mulbagal

Masala Dosa in one of its supreme forms🙂

Undoubtedly its the ‘Dosas’ that take the crown, try any of their dosas and you wont be disappointed. My personal favorites are Masala Dosa and Onion Dosa. The Idlis are good, but not as great as the dosas.

The dosas are cooked in a special vessel with a side-wall – making them with soft-at-the-centre and crispy at-the-ends.


Dosas with side-walls😀

Useful Information:

  • Timings: Monday to Sunday (7:30 am to 11:30 am) and (5 pm to 8 pm
  • Cash only, no cards are accepted
  • One of their specialty is ‘Sabakki (sabudana) Idli’ – which is prepared only on Sundays
  • Ample place to park 2-wheelers
  • They don’t serve coffee/tea and sambar
  • Location: Sri Lakshmi Tiffin Centre, Bazar Street (Next to Canara Bank ATM) Mulbagal Karnataka
Touring on a Yamaha YZF-R3 in India, Malur karnataka

Exploring Malur after a heavy breakfast !!

Weekend Ride Getaways from Bengaluru

The joy of discovering new places to ride is only rivaled by exploring new food getaways. Presenting three weekend ride getaways from Bengaluru where ‘peace is its own reward.

 1) Mavathur Lake, Kanakapura Road

Located before the town of Kanakapura, Mavathur kere (lake) is a serene large man-made tank with levee on one side. Access to Mavathur kere is via a narrow-dirt road (you will do just fine on a motorcycle though!) and frequented by shepherds and their herd, this is a beautiful place to spend cool mornings or evenings.

Mavathur kere Weekend ride getaways from Bengaluru

Mavathur Kere – best relished with buddies🙂

Masala Dosa at Vasu Hotel KNS Circle Kanakpura Karnataka

Masala Dosa at Vasu Hotel, Kanakapura town

Useful Information on Mavathur Lake:

  • Distance from Bengaluru: 64 kms
  • Location: Google Maps link [Look for the left-turn after the Kalyani motors Maruti showroom (before Kanakapura town)]
  • Parking: Good solid ground to park heavy motorcycles
  • No shade at the reservoir (recommend to carry shades, drinking-water and a hat)
  • Carry food/munchies to eat (please do not litter the place and carry back the waste)
  • Do not visit this place in a hurry, we wanted to spend an hour, but ended spending more than three😀
  • Where to eat: Masala Dosa, Kesari bath and Filter Coffee at Vasu Hotel, Kanakapura town
Mavathur Lake Kanakapura - weekend ride destinations from Bengaluru

Mavathur Kere aka Lake – Peaceful!!

2) Dandiganahalli Dam, Dandiganahalli, Gauribidanur

Located near Gauribidanur, Dandiganahalli is only frequented by the locals for fishing or that occasional theppa (coracle) boat-ride. The place is absolutely serene and the cool breeze makes a wonderful excuse for quick-nap😛

Dandiganahalli Dam near GauriBidanur Chikkaballapur

Dandiganahalli Dam

Useful Information on Dandiganahalli Dam:

  • Distance from Bengaluru: 90 kms
  • Location: Dandiganahalli Google Maps link
  • Parking:Good solid ground to park heavy motorcycles (taking the U-turn on the top of the tank-bund is tricky since its narrow)
  • No shade at the reservoir (recommend to carry shades, drinking-water and a hat)
  • Carry food/munchies to eat (please do not litter the place and carry back the waste)
  • Don’t be deceived by the huge water-body one would see before reaching Dandiganahalli
  • Where to eat: Masala Dosa & Filter Coffee at Nani Hotel, Vijayapura
Masala Dosa at Nani Hotel Vijayapura

Masala Dosa at Nani Hotel Vijayapura

3) Harobele or Arakavathi Dam, Kunuru

Located near Kunuru (on the Kanakapura-Sangama road SH92), Harobele dam or popularly known as Arakavathi dam, fed by the Arkavathi river is flocked by school kids on field-trips on weekdays and desolated on weekends.

Harobele dam or Arakavathi dam at Kunuru Kanakapura

Harobele Dam or Arakavathi Dam – Enormous!!

Biryani At Sumukh Restaurant MG Road - Kanakapura town

Biryani At Sumukh Restaurant MG Road – Kanakapura town

Useful Information on Arakavathi Dam:

  • Distance from Bengaluru: 80 kms
  • Location: Arakavathi Dam Google Maps link
  • Parking: Good solid ground to park heavy motorcycles
  • No shade at the reservoir (recommend to carry shades, drinking-water and a hat)
  • Carry food/munchies to eat (please do not litter the place and carry back the waste)
  • Where to eat: Biryani at Sumukh Restaurant, Kanakapura town
Arai Quantum 2 helmet at Arakavathi or Harobele dam Karnataka India

Peace is its own Reward!! – At Harobele Dam

Never hesitate to take that random deviation from the highway – you may just be in for a pleasant surprise🙂

Living with a Ducati Hyperstrada

The Ducati Hyperstrada 821 is a unique crossover motorcycle that combines the lean, athletic design of a supermoto with the proficiency of real-world touring – in essence, a touring version of the famous Hypermotard.

Powered by a 821-cc L-twin, the 2015 Hyperstrada is smeared with all the touring goodies such as semi-hard 50-liter nylon/plastic composite side bags, windshield, Scorpion Trail rubber, ABS, DTC (Ducati Traction Control) combined with Ducati Safety Pack, wider grab rail for passenger and two 12-volt outlets one on each side below the rider’s seat and three riding modes to control power and torque:

  • Sport (110 hp with ‘High’ torque)
  • Touring (110 hp with progressive ‘Medium’ torque)
  • Urban (75 hp with progressive ‘Low’ torque)
Long term review of 2015 Ducati Hyperstrada

Ticket to the gorgeous crossover🙂

Having spent some days with the 2015 Ducati Hyperstrada 821, here is my ownership experience to help you decide if this is/isn’t the motorcycle you want to live with.

City Commute

Remove the side bags and the addictive low-end torque delivered by the L-twin ensures a wonderful ride to putter around in city and despite the heat from the engine in bumper-to-bumper traffic it makes you smile when you knock-everyone out at the traffic-light GPs.

Pillion Comfort

A broad seat and wider grab rail for the pillion works wonders for the rear passenger, only if the rider is of small-to-medium built – courtesy, the lean design derived from the Hypermotard.


Tarmac touring is where the Hyperstrada shines, taking the medium-to-bad tarmac and light-dirt roads in good stride, however hard-core off-roading is definitely not its forte.

  • Fuel – The Hyperstrada can happily binge on regular 91-octane Indian fuel without any complaints, although the manual says 95-RON. Expect a full-tank range of 240 kms
  • Suspension – Non-adjustable front suspension is a let-down for a touring motorcycle and gets unsettled when you hit those flyover-joints and mid-road bumps. The rear suspension with preload and rebound adjustment-only works reasonably well
  • Tyres – The Pirelli Scorpion Trail tyres provide brilliant traction in wet and dry weather tarmac
2015 Ducati Hyperstrada 821 long term review - built for tarmac touring :)

Ducati Hyperstrada – perfect for tarmac touring🙂


I just couldn’t resist talking about it!! The Ducati Hyperstrada is a stellar-example of ‘Form Aiding Function’. Ducati really knows how to build such simple and beautiful-looking motorcycles.

The Hyperstrada looks best from the ‘front with the side-bags’ and from the ‘side with the center-stand on’. The single-side swing-arm looks haute, but gets shadowed by the exhaust and the side bags.

Ducati Hyperstrada long term review in India

Beauty in simplicity!!

Things I love about the Ducati Hyperstrada 821:

  • Torque, Torque, Torque – delicious torque laced linearly throughout the rev range
  • Build Quality and Looks – the build quality with respect to panels, weld-joints and switches are top-notch.
  • Side bags – The side bags are water resistant (not water proof), Ducati provides an aqua-pack waterproof dry-bag to keep the luggage within the side bags.
  • Center Stand – a super convenient aid for short-riders to mount the bike with the side bags-on, easy to clean the motorcycle and lube the chain while touring


  • The windshield is fixed and non-adjustable
  • Riding in rain – water from the tyres get sprayed onto the back of the pillion and reach as far as the back of the helmet of the rider
  • Mirror – visibility with two-up riding is useless
  • Front suspension unsettles into a mid-corner bump and those shabby flyover-joints
Ducati Hyperstrada 821 long term review in Bangalore

The perfect balance between a supermoto and a tourer !!

Between being part street bike and part supermoto with touring abilities, the Ducati Hyperstrada provides an all-around motorcycle experience.

Ride De Maharashtra

Monsoons unlock a whole new aura of green and serenity in Maharashtra – like the “green saturation” has been turned to a 100%.

In spite of the recent intense rains which has crippled life in some regions of this beautiful state – we were welcomed with stunning vistas, impeccable roads and the sweetest people who truly personify ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’, a Sanskrit verse that translates to ‘consider the guest as god’.

View from Sajjangad Fort - Motorcycle Touring in Maharashtra

View from Sajjangad Fort of the road leading to Thoseghar Falls!!


KTM Duke 390 Touring in Maharashtra - MSH4

KTM Duke 390 on MSH 4

Triumph Daytona 675R Touring in Maharashtra - MSH4

Triumph Daytona 675 R on MSH 4

Day 1: Bangalore > Belgaum > Amboli Ghat  > Sawantwadi

  • Distance: 605 kms
  • Stay: Hotel Renuka Palace, Sawantwadi @ 1260 INR/night/room (Non-AC)
  • Parking for motorcycles: Sheltered parking within hotel premises

Must-do Things:

  • Soak-in the beautiful landscape of Western Ghats laced with mist, waterfalls and the twisty-roads of the Amboli Ghat
  • Belt delicious chaats in Sawantwadi coupled with a lazy stroll around the lake within the town
Riding on Amboli Ghat - Triumph Daytona 675R and KTM Duke 390

Amboli Ghat 

Day 2: Sawantwadi > Malvan > Kudal > Ratnagiri (via MSH 4 aka Maharashtra State Highway 4)

  • Distance: 201 kms
  • Stay: Mango Villa, Ratnagiri @ 1600 INR/night/room (Non-AC)
  • Parking for motorcycles: Sheltered parking within homestay

Must-do Things:

  • Ride the MSH 4 – Ditch the NH 66 and take this state highway that offers pristine views of the landscape and beaches along the route
  • Savor delicious food at Hotel Amantran, Ratnagiri (My personal favorite being the meal-thali)
  • Visit the Ratnagiri Fort (south-side to go inside the Lighthouse) – Ratnagiri Lighthouse allows visitors to enter the Lighthouse for public between 4 pm to 6 pm
Maharastra Ride - KTM Duke 390 and Triumph Daytona 675R on MSH 4 Malvan

MSH 4 – Ride along the coast from Malvan to Ratnagiri

Aamras Thali at Hotel Amantran Ratnagiri

Aamras Thali at Hotel Amantran Ratnagiri

Day 3: Ratnagiri > Devrukh > Marleshwar > Amba Ghat > Panhala > Kolhapur

  • Distance: 180 kms
  • Stay: Digvijay Residency, Kolhapur (AirBnB) @ 900 INR/night/room (Non-AC)
  • Parking for motorcycles: Sheltered parking within the house

Must-do Things:

  • En-route to Marleshwar Falls – Imagine looking at about 30+ waterfalls in a single frame!!
  • Ride through Amba Ghat – beautiful twisty road best relished only on a motorcycle!!
  • Visit Panhala Fort, one of the largest forts in the Deccan region
Serene village near Devrukh - En-route Marleshwar Falls with Daytona 675R

Serene Village near Devrukh – En-route Marleshwar Falls

Touring Maharastra on motorcyles - En-route Marleshwar Waterfalls

Marleshwar Falls

Amba Ghat - Touring Maharashtra on a Triumph Daytona 675R

Amba Ghat

Day 4: Kolhapur > Sajjangad Fort > Thoseghar Falls > Satara > Wai > Panchgani > Mahabaleshwar

  • Distance: 235 kms
  • Stay: Hirkani Garden Resort, Mahabaleshwar-Panchgani road @ 1000 INR/night/room (Non-AC)
  • Parking for motorcycles: Sheltered parking within the resort

Must-do Things:

  • Visit Sajjangad Fort and Thoseghar Falls
  • Bun-maska and chai at Lucky Bakery, Panchgani
Enroute Sajjangad Fort Satara

En-route Sajjangad Fort

Mota Dabdabba - Thoseghar Falls Satara

Mota Dabdabba – Thoseghar Falls 

Chota Dabdabba - Thoseghar Falls Satara

Chota Dabdabba – Thoseghar Falls

Bun Maska and Chai at Lucky Bakery Panchgani

Bun Maska Chai at Lucky Bakery Panchgani

Day 5: Mahabaleshwar > Poladpur > Varandh Ghat > Bhor > Lonavala

  • Distance: 235 kms
  • Stay: Ferreira Resort, Lonavala @ 1000 INR/night/room (Non-AC)
  • Parking for motorcycles: Sheltered parking within the resort

Must-do Things:

  • Varandh Ghat – the most scenic ghat I have ever visited, but laced with the most-horrible roads (worth the scenery)
  • Relish Dryfruit, soft Chikkis at Maganlal and Chocolate Fudge at Cooper’s at Lonavala
Varandh Ghat Maharashtra - Touring on the Daytona 675R

Varandh Ghat – the most scenic ghat I have ever seen in South India!!

View from Varandh Ghat Maharashtra - KTM Duke 390 and Triumph Daytona 675R

Viewpoint at Varandh Ghat

Day 6: Lonavala > Karjat > Mhasa > Malshej Ghat > Alephata > Pune

  • Distance: 270 kms
  • Stay: We were hosted by our dear friend Alok in Pune

Must-do Things:

  • En-route to Malshej – brilliant roads and vistas
  • Stopover at MTDC Malshej for tea and snacks with stunning views of Malshej Ghat (if the mist obliges: D)
Mhasa - en-route Malshej Ghat - Touring on a Triumph Daytona 675R

En-route Malshej Ghat near Mhasa

Malshej Ghat in Maharashtra

Malshej Ghat – Maharashtra

Bhimashankar Wildlife Reserve Forest Canopy - Enroute Malshej Ghat

Forest Canopy – Bhimashankar Wildlife Reserve Forest

Day 7 & 8: Pune – to rejuvenate the motorcycles and ourselves

We revelled with delicious foods @ Puneri Misal at Bedekar Tea Stall and Bun Mask Chai, Kheema Pav at Café GoodLuck, Kalyan Bhel, Marz-o-rin and Kayani Bakery.

Puneri Misal at Bedekar Tea Stall Pune

Puneri Misal at Bedekar Tea Stall Pune

Bun Omlette Cheese at Cafe Goodluck Pune

Bun Omlette Cheese at Cafe Goodluck Pune

Day 9: Pune > Bangalore

The most boring part of the ride, since our Maharashtra Ride was over and the arrow-straight National Highway (NH48/AH47) added to our woes.

Total distance covered during the Maharashtra Ride: 3000 kms

MSH4 - Malvan to Ratnagiri on a Triumph Daytona 675R and KTM Duke 390

MSH 4 – Malvan to Ratnagiri

I truly believe that the monsoons are the best time to visit Maharashtra, everything is so enchanting, full of life and devoid of the tourist-rush.

Thank you for the wonderful hospitality and hosting us and our motorcycles!!