Hole in the Wall Koramangala Bangalore

For English/American breakfast aficionados this place needs no introduction – serving delicious breakfast throughout the day such as pancakes, waffles, burgers, eggs & sausages along with the cozy ambiance makes it the perfect place to catch-up over breakfast.

About Hole in the Wall:

Located in Koramangala , the south-eastern part of Bengaluru – Hole in the Wall was started by Lynn D’Costa & Nathan Lee Harris in 2010.


Pretty much everything they serve is yumm – but these stood-out:

  • Pancake with Peaches with Cream:

The best pancake I have tasted till date – such a simple combination that’s so yumm!!

Waffles with Pancake and cream - Hole in the Wall Kormangala

Waffles with Pancake and Cream – Absolute Delight :)

  • Funky Monkey Waffles:

             I guess this is inspired by Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream – Funky Monkey Waffles consists of delicious waffles topped with bananas, caramel, chocolate sauce, chocolate chips :)

Funky Monkey - Hole in the Wall

A Yumm Monkey to hang out with :P

  • The All English Breakfast:
All English Breakfast - Hole in the Wall

The All English Breakfast – for the bacon and sausage fans!!

The Others:

  • Dirty Burger:

A 2-meat burger (choice of 2 different meats) that’s as filling as a 3-course meal…

Dirty Burger - Hole in the Wall

Dirty Burger – for the meat lovers!!

  • Waffles with Nutella:

Nutella-fans – this is your Nirvana :)

Waffles with Nutella-Hole in the Wall Kormangala

Waffles with Nutella – life is soooo good :)

Useful Information:

  • Notice The Board :D

The ‘Specials’ are not on the menu – look-out for the board inside the café or ask the staff for the weekly specials – they are a notch above the standard offerings.

  • Weekends are packed that translate to a good amount of waiting time (which is totally worth it !!)  – weekdays are more relaxed allowing one to soak in the food and ambiance.
  • Closed on Monday
  • They serve only breakfast - so don’t walk-in expecting pastas or steaks
  • Location: No. 4, 8th Main Road, Koramangala, 4th Block, Bangalore, Karnataka 560047, India
  • Hours: 8:30 am – 3:00 pm

Bangalore Coffee House, BSK 3rd Stage

Growing up on south-Indian breakfast regulars such as the Idlis, vadas, dosas and chutney – I have a fair-to-good idea of how any or all of the above taste.

I have had the privilege to eat at some of the finest south-indian places in and around my city. Bangalore Coffee House, located in BSK 3rd stage is one such potential place that has the right-mix (great food + hygiene preparation) to make it to the list.

Bangalore Coffee House is a new kid on the block serving up delicious south-Indian breakfast with only chutney (no sambar) and yes – they make them well!!

Idli-Vada-Bangalore-Coffee-House, BSK 3rd stage Bangalore

Crispy Vada with Chutney – Brilliant !!

Must Eat:

I tried pretty much everything they have on the menu, but these caught my taste buds :P

  • Vada + Chutney
  • Ghee Pongal
Ghee-Pongal at Bangalore Coffee House, BSK 3rd Stage Bangalore

Gheelicious :D

  • Masala Dosa
  • Filter Coffee to finish the proceedings :)

Certain items such as Rava Idly are only available in the evening.

Masala Dosa at  Bangalore Coffee House, BSK 3rd stage, Bangalore

Masala Dosa + Filter Kappi – the perfect ending :D


50 Feet Rd, 3rd Block, Banashankari, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Landmark: Katriguppe Water Tank or opposite State Bank of Mysore, BSK branch

Useful Information:

  • Cash Only
  • Time: 6:00 am to 12:30 pm and 4:00 pm to 8:30 pm
  • Open on all days
  • Certain items such as Rava Idly are only available in the evening
  • Regulars such as Idly, Vada, Rice items such as Pongal, Bisi bele bath, Dosas (masala, khali dosa etc) are available throughout
  • Parking: Ample for 2 wheelers, lots of bylanes around to park the 4wheelers

Must Do Things for a Motorcyclist in Bangalore

Being a motorcyclist my entire life, I always wondered of ‘What More’ can one do apart from the regular notion of weekend touring on motorcycles. The intent has been to highlight/experience ‘other available facets of motorcycling’ in my beloved city.

1) Get Off the Road:

Big Rock Motopark, an off-roading facility run by Santhosh CS and his team providing the experience of off-road trail and dirt riding and yes they teach you to take “jumps” (the closest to flying on a motorcycle!!)

  • Website: https://www.facebook.com/bigrockmotopark/
  • Location: Holali Village, Kolar
  • Distance from Bangalore: 60kms
  • Contact Number: +919731799941/+919731733341
  • Cost: half day program (6000 INR/person includes food, gear and the motorcycle – mainly the Honda CRF 250)

Usually their programs/events are on weekends from 7 am to 5:30pm.

Off-Road Program at Big Rock Motopark, Kolar

Off-Road Training Program at Big Rock Motopark

Image Credit: Big Rock Motopark

2) Royal Enfield Factory Tour:

There is so much that goes into a motorcycle and no better way to understand that than visiting a motorcycle factory. In spite of an array of opinions – the RE factory tour is highly recommended for every motorcyclist (especially the Paint-Shop of the tour) – helmets off to these artists!!

  • Website: http://royalenfield.com/aboutus/factory-tour/
  • Location: Tiruvottiyur, Chennai
  • Cost: 600INR/ person
  • Days of the tour: Every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month
  • Procedure: Register for the tour online and wait for a confirmation email
  • Cameras and Videography during the tour is limited
  • Duration of the tour:  3 to 3.5 hours
Royal Enfield - Factory Tour, Chennai

Royal Enfield – Factory Tour

Image Credit: Royal Enfield India

3) Live the Poster Dream – Luxury Bike Rentals in Bangalore!!

Can it get any better!! You heard me – the first of the kind to rent superbikes on a day-to-day basis (mostly Harleys and Triumphs for now).

WickedBike - Bangalore's first Luxury Bike Rental

WickedBike – Bangalore’s first Luxury Bike Rental

Image Credit: Wicked Ride

4) Sign-Up for a TrackDay Riding School

The best arena to understand and push the limits of one’s riding abilities – a 2 day session on racetrack opens up the mind of the rider enabling him/her to make better decisions on the road.

Bangalore-based Indimotard’s TWO and Apex Racing Academy offer track-day sessions at MMSC Chennai or Kari Speedway Coimbatore.

Indimotard-TWO TrackDay Riding Program , Kari Speedway Coimbatore

TrackDay Riding Program from IndiMotard

Image Credit: IndiMotard Adventures

5 Breakfast Ride Getaways from Bangalore – 2nd Edition

The quest for more breakfast ride getaways continues…

Presenting the second-set of the 5 best South-Indian Breakfast Getaways from my beloved city.

1) Nani Hotel, Vijayapura

This place has been delighting the town of Vijayapura for over 50 years with yummy Dosas, Idlis and Rice bath.

  • Must Eat – Masala Dosa + Filter Coffee (ask them to make it strong – works like charm during this perfect weather)  :)
  • Distance from Bangalore – 58kms
  • Highway – NH7 (after Bengaluru Airport)
  • Location – Google Maps Link
  • Timings – 7 am to 11 am
  • Parking- no specific/allotted parking (but there is always place to park)
  • The menu keeps changing (as and when they get over)
Masala Dosa at Nani Hotel Vijayapura

Masala Dosa at Nani Hotel Vijayapura

2) Shashi Hotel, Nittur

A family-run place/house serving delicious food for about 100 years and the hospitality is unlike anything I have seen :) There is no signboard, but ask anyone in Nittur town for Shashi’s hotel and they point you to his house.

  • Must Eat – Lemon garlic rice (the best I have had till date) + thatte idli + rava idli
  • Distance from Bangalore- 100kms (brilliant tarmac)
  • Highway – NH206 (Bangalore – Shimoga highway After Gubbi town)
  • Location –  Google Maps Link  (Landmark: KSRTC Bus Stand, Nittur and ask for Shashi’s hotel)
  • Timings- 7am to 12pm (open throughout the week)
  • Parking- no specific/allotted parking (but there is always place to park)
  • Highly Recommend to call Mr.Shashi on +917259596848
Thatte Idli with Nippat at Shashi Hotel Nittur, Karnataka

Thatte Idli with Nippat – works really well!!

3) Hotel Sri Satyanarayana, Someshwara after Agumbe

Brilliant roads (except the Agumbe ghat) + great food = An awesome combo :)

  • Must Eat – Avalakki with Curd + Neer dosa
  • Distance from Bangalore- 370kms
  • Highway – NH 48 + SH 57
  • Location:  Google Maps Link
  • Timings- 7:30 am to 9:30 pm
  • Parking- yes lots of space in front of the hotel
  • Highly Recommended to stay-over, experience the sunrise at Agumbe and head to Hotel Satyanarayana for breakfast
Avalakki with Curd - Hotel Sri Satyanarayana, Someshwar, Agumbe Karnataka

Avalakki with Curd – Minimum 3 plates/person is required :d

4) Shark Dhaba, (between Solur and Kunigal)

Breakfast under the trees by day and a regular dhaba by night – they churn out yummy dosas and chutney on NH 48.

PS: I m still wondering why they had to name it ‘Shark Dhaba’ :P

  • Must Eat – Thatte Idli and vada with generous servings of chutney + filter coffee (avoid the tea) + masala dosas
  • Distance from Bangalore- 50kms
  • Highway – NH48 (Bangalore-Mangalore highway)
  • Location – Google Maps Link 
  • Timings- 6 am to 11 am
  • Parking- lavish parking facility
Thatte Idli and Vada at Shark Dhabha after Solur, Karnataka ( NH48)

Thatte Idli and Vada at Shark Dhabha after Solur NH48

5) Annapoorna Hotel, Kollegal (This place has been closed – as on 19-Jul update from a friend :( )

One of the best known hotels in Kollegal/Chamarajanagar sector – they serve delicious south-Indian breakfast and lunch.

  • Must Eat – chow chow bath
  • Distance from Bangalore- 140kms
  • Highway – NH 209
  • Location – Google Maps Link
  • Timings- 6 30 am to 5 pm
  • Parking- big and secure parking
Kesari & Khara Bath at Annapurna Hotel Kollegal, Chamarajnagar

Yin and Yang :P

6) Hotel Prasanna Kaggalipura (Kanakpura Road)

This place was found during one of the cycling trips – the relaxed pace helps to notice places :d

  • Must Eat – thatte idly with sagoo + puri with sagoo
  • Distance from Bangalore- 35 kms
  • Highway – NH 209
  • Location – Near Kaggalipura lake bund (its on the main highway and is easy to spot due to town traffic)
  • Timings- 6 30 am to 11 am
  • Parking- maximum of 5 to 6 bikes can be parked upfront (bylanes can accomodate another couple )
Thatte Idly at Hotel Prasanna, Kagglipura

Thatte Idly with Sagoo – A Must Try

All the above places don’t accept cards – Cash only.


Smallys Restocafe Ulsoor Bangalore

Smallys claim to fame has been – India’s smallest café (at-least they have certificate that says so!!), but clearly that needs to be changed to- India’s smallest café that churns out the “yummy comfort food”.

Located in Ulsoor, along the lake the café can accommodate no more than 15-20 people at one-go (inclusive of the basement section + mezzanine floor section).  The interiors are small and are likely to provide a claustrophobic feel to anyone over 6ft – but the food makes-up for such inconveniences  :D

The quantities of food especially the Pizzas and Burgers are like mini-versions and don’t fill up – but that’s a good thing since one can cover more spread on the menu :)

Must Haves:

  • Lord of the Wings: chicken wings with mayo – tastes so yumm that it should be framed!!

             Mayo-fans: At-least 4 mayo servings to polish one-serving of chicken wings (one of the best mayonnaise I have tasted..)

Lord of the Wings at Smallys Bangaloreys

Definitely – Lord of the Chicken Wings !!

  • Smally’s Brownie Shake: full marks for the presentation, quantity and the right blend..

This one is super-filling highly recommend to share with your loved ones :P

Smallys Brownie Shake Bangalore

Smallys Brownie Shake – a meal by itself!!

  • Napoli Lasagne (Chicken): Sigh!! I need more – absolutely brilliant [a big hug to the chef :) ]
Napoli Lasagne at Smallys Ulsoor Bangalore

Napoli Lasagne (chicken) – Delicious !!!

The ‘OK’ ones:

Let me clear things here – these are good, but not the stuff that deserve a personal thank-you to the chef.

  • Chicken Steak with Pepper Sauce, Veggies & Fries:
Chicken Steak with Pepper Sauce, Veggies and Fries at Smallys Bangalore

Chicken Steak with Pepper Sauce..

  • Original Chicken Burger:
Original Chicken Burger at Smalls Ulsoor Bangalore

Original Chicken Burger – was a disappointment :(

Useful Information:

  • Address: Skywalk, 5/1, Near Body Craft Spa & Salon, Assaye Road, Ulsoor, Bangalore
  • Open All Days : 11am to 11pm
  • Car parking is tricky over the weekends and during the evening – lots of by lanes to park them
  • The café is motorcyclist-friendly (parking right in front of the café with a clear view of the motorcycle)
  • Get rid of all the shopping bags and laptops in the car – it is the smallest café and be prepared for those frequent contacts with folks at the next table

Hill Station Cafe Bangalore

A laid back café run by friendly folks with a niche menu, limited seating, warm wooden interiors and lots of crayons and paper to sketch till they close down – This is your typical café straight out of the Mall Road from Darjeeling or Shimla or Nainital or Lansdowne or Mussoorie  :)

With all honesty, the food they serve isn’t out of the world (its good – but not the kind that would sweep you off your feet).

Nestled on the outskirts, away from the city’s chaos and dust-filled roads, Hill Station Café serves English cuisine on the lights on cookies, ice-teas, coffee and sandwiches (which resemble a burger). Since majority of their patrons are expats, the food they serve is almost NIL on spice; don’t hesitate to ask for a Spice-Upgrade.

With a relatively small menu and a bunch of hungry friends, we tried pretty much everything they could churn-out. Here is my pick of the must haves:

  •  Nachos with Salsa Dip

They offer a cheese dip version (avoid it unless you are a Cheese Fondue fan).

Nachos with Salsa Dip - Hill Station Cafe Bangalore

Nachos with Salsa Dip

  •  BBQ Chicken Sandwich (Spicy)

The best thing they make – BBQ’d spiced chicken shreds with pickled gherkins is a NO-Brainer!!

BBQ Chicken Sandwich - Hill Station Cafe Bangalore

BBQ Chicken Sandwich (Spicy)

  •  Home-made Cookies (White chocolate & Dark Chocolate)

If you’re a fan of the cookies from Subway, these are the next level!! They make these on-the-fly, so don’t be dissapointed if they are over, ask them to make a fresh batch :)

Home made white & dark chocolate Cookies - Hill Station Cafe Bangalore

Home-made Cookies – Yumm :)

  •  Mac & Cheese

Very bland, highly recommend to bump up the spice or use generous amount of chili flakes.

Mac and Cheese - Hill Station Cafe Bangalore

Mac & Cheese – comfort food at its best :)

  •  Tuna Sandwich

I am not a huge fan of them, but based on my buddy’s tasting skills(which I trust) – this one is good.

Tuna Sandwich - Hill Station Cafe Bangalore

Tuna Sandwich

To drink, I recommend any of the flavored ice-teas and the hot chocolate with extra chocolate :)

Hot Chocolate at Hill Station Cafe Bangalore

Hot Chocolate – one isn’t enough!!

Good to know Info:

  •  They are closed on Sundays (other days they close at 8pm)
  • Cash only (no cards)
  • Limited Seating (max of 15 to 20)
  • Location: Google Maps Link
Hill Station Cafe- Bangalore

Hill Station Cafe- Bangalore


Home made Ice cream Parlors in Bangalore

Homemade ice creams are a rarity in my city which boosts of some of the best ice creams franchises from the globe. Homemade ice cream parlors are standalone parlors with no franchise concept and ice creams being prepared at one single place and most of the times by a single person.

With the numerous ice cream giants entering the market, the changing palate, exposure to different types (gelato, frozen dairy dessert etc) – these authentic hard ice cream (Traditional or regular ice cream made with cream and/or milk, sugar, stabilizers and other flavoring ingredients such as vanilla, chocolate, fruit) parlors no longer enjoy the popularity they once had.

Here are 3 of the best homemade ice creams in Bangalore:

1) Mantap Ice Cream, Majestic

One of the earliest guys to churn out ice creams, they became the launch pad for numerous homemade ice cream parlors in the city.

  • Must Eat- Gadbud + grape juice with vanilla ice cream + gulkan ice cream + Falooda
  • Timings – 12pm to 11pm
  • Seating – limited
  • Location – Majestic (before Sukh Sagar), Bangalore Google Maps link 
Gadbud-Mantap Ice Cream Majestic

Gadbud at Mantap Ice Cream, Majestic

2) Amrut Ice Cream, Malleshwaram

A small shop nestled among the residential apartments of Malleshwaram – this is the ‘ice cream next door parlor’, the one we used to run after school, after exams or to celebrate anything as kids :)

  • Must Eat- fruit salad with honey and vanilla ice cream + fig & honey ice cream + kulfis
  • Timings – 11am to 9pm (open all days during summer, closed on Tuesdays during Winter)
  • Seating – limited
  • Location – Malleshwaram 11th cross (near BP Indian School) Google Maps link 


Fruit Salad with Honey & Vanilla Ice cream - Amrut Ice cream Malleshwaram

Fruit Salad with Honey & Vanilla Ice cream – Amrut Ice cream Malleshwaram

3) Satkar Ice cream, Mysore Road (opposite RVCE)

The ‘Gelatin-free’ ice cream in town, Satkar has been churning out quality and cost-effective Gadbuds .

  • Must Eat- Tri-Star Ice cream (Black Current + Fig & Honey + Butterscotch with fruit salad)
  • Timings – 830am to 11pm (open all days)
  • Seating – limited
  • Location – Mysore Road 8th Mile (opposite RV College of Engineering) Google Maps link . They have couple of other outlets as well.
Three Star icecream at Satkar Icecreams in Bangalore

Three Star – Black Current + Fig & Honey + Butterscotch with fruit salad

All the above places don’t accept cards – Cash only.