Home made Ice cream Parlors in Bangalore

Homemade ice creams are a rarity in my city which boosts of some of the best ice creams franchises from the globe. Homemade ice cream parlors are standalone parlors with no franchise concept and ice creams being prepared at one single place and most of the times by a single person.

With the numerous ice cream giants entering the market, the changing palate, exposure to different types (gelato, frozen dairy dessert etc) – these authentic hard ice cream (Traditional or regular ice cream made with cream and/or milk, sugar, stabilizers and other flavoring ingredients such as vanilla, chocolate, fruit) parlors no longer enjoy the popularity they once had.

Here are 3 of the best homemade ice creams in Bangalore:

1) Mantap Ice Cream, Majestic

One of the earliest guys to churn out ice creams, they became the launch pad for numerous homemade ice cream parlors in the city.

  • Must Eat- Gadbud + grape juice with vanilla ice cream + gulkan ice cream + Falooda
  • Timings – 12pm to 11pm
  • Seating – limited
  • Location – Majestic (before Sukh Sagar), Bangalore Google Maps link 
Gadbud-Mantap Ice Cream Majestic

Gadbud at Mantap Ice Cream, Majestic

2) Amrut Ice Cream, Malleshwaram

A small shop nestled among the residential apartments of Malleshwaram – this is the ‘ice cream next door parlor’, the one we used to run after school, after exams or to celebrate anything as kids :)

  • Must Eat- fruit salad with honey and vanilla ice cream + fig & honey ice cream + kulfis
  • Timings – 11am to 9pm (open all days during summer, closed on Tuesdays during Winter)
  • Seating – limited
  • Location – Malleshwaram 11th cross (near BP Indian School) Google Maps link 


Fruit Salad with Honey & Vanilla Ice cream - Amrut Ice cream Malleshwaram

Fruit Salad with Honey & Vanilla Ice cream – Amrut Ice cream Malleshwaram

3) Satkar Ice cream, Mysore Road (opposite RVCE)

The ‘Gelatin-free’ ice cream in town, Satkar has been churning out quality and cost-effective Gadbuds .

  • Must Eat- Tri-Star Ice cream (Black Current + Fig & Honey + Butterscotch with fruit salad)
  • Timings – 830am to 11pm (open all days)
  • Seating – limited
  • Location – Mysore Road 8th Mile (opposite RV College of Engineering) Google Maps link . They have couple of other outlets as well.
Three Star icecream at Satkar Icecreams in Bangalore

Three Star – Black Current + Fig & Honey + Butterscotch with fruit salad

All the above places don’t accept cards – Cash only.

5 Breakfast Ride Getaways from Bangalore

With the growing number of folks getting hooked to motorcycling & cycling, motorcycle/bicycle ride for breakfast  over the weekend has become ‘The Weekend Thing to do’ than laze around or meet up for a brunch in the city.

For me, the perfect ride has always been the one that ends with good food!! Presenting the 5 best South-Indian breakfast getaways from my beloved city.

1) Renukamba Thatte Idli, Bidadi, Mysore Road

Journey on Mysore road is incomplete without the hot thatte (plate-sized) idlis and crispy vada in Bidadi.

  • Must Eat – Thatte Idli + Vada  with atleast 2 dollops of butter
  • Distance from Bangalore- 45kms
  • Highway – SH17 or Mysore Road. Google Maps link
  • Timings- 5:30 am to 8:30 pm
  • Parking- no specific/allotted parking (but there is always place to park)
Bidadi Thatte Idli - Hotel Renukamba, Bidadi, Karnataka

Bidadi Thatte Idli – Hotel Renukamba, Bidadi

2) Preethi Canteen, Birur

Don’t let the distance deter you from trying this place, you will thank me for this after you taste the food.

  • Must Eat – Benne Khali Dosa + Coffee + vada with chutney
  • Distance from Bangalore- 200kms (brilliant tarmac)
  • Highway – NH206 Arsikere road. Google Maps link
  • Timings- 7:30 am to 12:30 pm and 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm (Closed on Thursday)
  • Parking- no specific/allotted parking (but there is always place to park)
Benne Khali Dosa - Preethi Canteen Birur

Benne Khali Dosa – Preethi Canteen Birur

3) Pavitra Idli Hotel, Tumkur Road

A must stop place for idli, vada and coffee near Kyathsandra on NH4 close to Tumkur.

  • Must Eat – Thatte Idli + Vada  with at-least 2 dollops of butter along with filter coffee
  • Distance from Bangalore- 70kms
  • Highway – NH4 or Tumkur Road. Google Maps link
  • Timings- 6 am to 12 pm
  • Parking- no specific/allotted parking (but there is always place to park)
Benne Idli Sagu at Pavithra Idli Hotel, Kyathasandra Tumkur

Benne Idli with Vada – Pavitra Idli Hotel

4)  Vasu Hotel, Kanakpura Road

The Dosa place on Kanakpura road, Vasu Hotel is one of the best known and most visited hotels by locals of Kanakpura town.

  • Must Eat – Masala Dosa
  • Distance from Bangalore- 50kms
  • Highway – NH209 or Kanakpura Road. Google Maps link
  • Timings- 6 am to 5 pm
  • Parking- no specific/allotted parking (but there is always place to park)
Masala Dosa at Vasu Hotel KNS Circle Kanakpura Karnataka

Masala Dosa – yummmmmm!!

5) Ganesh Bhavan, Denkanikotte

Easily the least-known place, Ganesh Bhavan in Denkanikotte town (next to the Post Office) is one of the highly frequented places by the locals.

  • Must Eat – Idli + Masala Dosa
  • Distance from Bangalore- 60kms
  • Highway – SH17 or Anchetty Road. Google Maps link
  • Timings- 7 am to 5 pm (Weekdays) and 7 am to 1 pm (on Sundays)
  • Parking- no specific/allotted parking (but there is always place to park)

Masala Dosa-Denkanikotte

All the above places don’t accept cards – Cash only.

Hotel Sri Satyanarayana Someshwar – Agumbe

There is a popular Danish phrase ” The road to a friend’s house is never long” – in our case it is “The road to a good food place is never long”.  So a bunch of us rode  all the way from Bangalore based on the mere mention from a friend about good food at the end of Agumbe ghat.

Enroute to Someshwar SH 65- Karnataka - between Shimoga & Thirthalli

Serene roads with great food at the end – perfect getaway :)

Located at the foothills of the Agumbe ghat amidst beautiful greenery and the gorgeous  Sita river – Hotel Sri Satyanarayana, a family run hotel started by Mr. Subraya Shenoy about 38 years has become a breakfast hot-spot  among travelers from Shimoga, Hebri & Kundapur.

Although this place is known for its Neer Dosa and Mangalore Buns (which were good for my palate ), it was Avalakki (flattened rice with masala) with curd and the Kadabu Idli with vada which did just justice to the 370kms ride from Bangalore :)

Highly Recommended:

Avalakki with curd – 22 INR /plate

Avalakki with Curd - Hotel Sri Satyanarayana, Someshwar, Agumbe Karnataka

Avalakki with Curd – Minimum 3 plates/person is required :d

Kadabu Idli (2)with Vada (1) – 22 INR /plate

Kadabu Idli with Vada  at Someshwar, Agumbe Karmataka

Kadabu Idli with Vada – yumm :)

Useful Info:

  • Time – 7:30am to 9:30pm
  • Open all the days of the week
  • Cash is the preferred – cards seldom work
Mangalore Buns - Hotel Sri Satyanarayana Someshwar, Agumbe Karnataka

Mangalore Buns…


Foothills of Agumbe Ghat – This place is big and the popular breakfast joint once you descend the Agumbe ghat – so there is no-way one can miss this.

Hotel Sri Satyanaryana - Someshwar (after Agumbe Ghat)

Hotel Sri Satyanaryana – Someshwar (after Agumbe Ghat)

Hint: Ask the Agumbe Forest Checkpost (from Thirthahalli side)


Must Visit Tea stalls of Bangalore

Chai Stalls or Tea Rooms are one of the best places to discover the culture, lifestyle and the heart-beat of the common man and the city. With a regular set of patrons of all ages who frequent these chai shops at-least once a day, they turn out to be an amazing platform to strike a conversation (from tales of good old days of our garden city or pensioner’s paradise to the latest Steve Aoki ‘s Bangalore concert ) all with a healthy dose of chai.

The below list of places have been rated based on the overall experience and not just the taste of chai (although “taste” is the prime factor).

1) Charminar  Tea Stall, MM Road, Frazer Town

An accidental discovery during a rainy day in the month of Ramzan , Charminar tea stall is the chai-wing of the Charminar Kabab Paradise on MM road, Frazer town. According to the chaiwalla – the chai section used be inside the restaurant but was shifted out (adjacent to the restaurant) to accommodate the ever-increasing patrons.

Charminar Tea - MM Road - Frazer Town Bangalore

Charminar Tea Stall – MM Road Frazer Town

One has to stand and savor the tea (regular or sulaimani) – no place to sit and they open from 7am to 11pm.

-          Regular Chai – I love this one (it’s the ideal mix of tea leaves + milk + sugar)- 7INR/chai

-          Sulaimani Chai – works wonders on a cold day – 7INR/chai

Google Maps Link to Charminar Tea Stall, MM Road, Bangalore.

2) Disney Bakery, BTM Layout 2nd Stage (best tea in South Bangalore)

Honestly I never expected a regular bakery/condiment shop to churn out such fantastic tea – the sheer number of people who throng this place every evening made me to stop by and try their chai.

Although it started out as a condiment shop, this place has more or less turned into a chai/coffee shop offering about 6 to 7 varieties of tea such as Masala, Elachi, Ginger, Lemon etc and at least 4 varieties of coffee.

Disney Bakery - BTM Layout 2nd Stage Bangalore

Disney Bakery – BTM 2nd Stage

I highly recommend:

-          Masala Chai & Ginger Chai – 14INR/glass of chai

-          Lemon tea – 14INR/glass of chai

Although this post is about tea stalls – the Ginger Coffee they serve is an interesting beverage (A hard-core filter coffee fan should stay away from this).

One major deterrent is the insane amount of cigarette smoke that clouds this chai place :(

Google Maps Link to Disney Bakery, BTM Layout, Bangalore.

3) Savera Tea Centre – Shivajinagar (near Russell Market)

One of the oldest and most popular tea stalls of Bangalore, Savera Tea Centre has been serving chai, samosa and other condiments for over 30 years. Finding a place to sit inside between 3pm to 8pm is out of question – the best way is to be served outside.

Savera Tea Centre - Shivajinagar Bangalore

Savera Tea Centre – Shivajinagar

They are open till 11:30pm on regular days and mostly till 1am during the Ramzan season. Their most popular offerings are:

-          Bombay Special  – chai with milk flavored with a hint of ginger – 7 INR/chai

-          Sulaimani Chai – non-milk chai with lemon and pudina – 7INR/chai

-          Onion Samosa –  an ideal companion with chai – 8INR/samosa

Although the chai isn’t as great as it used to be – this is one brilliant place to get insights into how Shivajinagar thrives; Be prepared to listen on an array of topics – from prices of auto-rickshaw spares to the best kabab-joints in Bangalore to the best place to buy vegetables in Russell Market and yes, the latest in the city – Steve Aoki’s visit to Kadlekaye Parshe (the traditional Annual Peanut Festival/Fair held in Basavangudi , South Bangalore)

Google Maps Link to Savera Tea Center, Shivajinagar, Bangalore.

4) MNC (Mid Night Chaiwallas )

These guys deserve a spot for serving tea along with bun & omelet during the graveyard time (10pm to 5am) with a smile and somehow the tea tastes phenomenally well during the night.

2 thumbs up for these MNCs for braving the police harassment and the bitter cold. :)

The above places don’t accept cards, it’s unlikely to get a place to sit, you may be hounded by beggars’ atleast once during your tea – but nonetheless, you will walk out with the satisfaction of relishing some awesome chai along with the new skill of starting a good conversation with a random person. :)

AliBaba Cafe and Restaurant Bangalore

One of the good aspects of having a food blog is the loads of suggestions to try new/not-covered-on-the-blog places to eat, Alibaba Café was one such suggestion, the fact that they serve a mix of Arabic, Persian  & Bhatkali cuisine was enough to try this place.

I am not a hard-core meat-eater, I don’t relish it the way my brother or friends do , so what follows is their impression about the food.

About Alibaba Cafe & Restaurant:

Located on MM Road near Frazer town, this place was started by Mr.Abul Lais and it took them about 2 years of trial and error to perfect the food they offer now. The dark wood furniture décor and ambiance mimic a typical  Middle-east cafe with a rooftop Sheesha lounge (which was closed at the time we went).

Alibaba Cafe & Restuarant Bangalore

Alibaba Cafe – Reminds me of Prince of Persia :P

We stuck to the word of mouth dishes and wanted to sample at least one from each cuisine:

-          Hummus & Pita Bread

-          Shish Taouk (boneless chicken cooked over charcoal)

-          Bhatkali Biryani (Chicken)

-          Moroccan Pot Tea

Hummus & Pita Bread – easily one of the best Hummus I have had in Bangalore, very smooth texture and the generous amount of olive oil did enhance the taste. Pita Bread tasted like an Indian Phulka, but the hummus made my day :)

Hummus and Pita Bread - AliBaba Cafe Bangalore

The best Hummus so far..

Shish Taouk – nothing extraordinary about it – wasn’t bad either. But I would order or try something else during my next visit.

Shish Taouk - Alibaba Cafe Bangalore

Shish Taouk….

Bhatkali Biryani – This was the show stopper – unlike any Biryani I have tasted; the spices jelled so well with the long Basmati rice & the  special Bhatkali Pickle is the best side-kick to have with a biryani PERIOD

We polished at least 5 to 6 servings of the pickle :)

Bhatkali Biryani-Alibaba Cafe Bangalore

Bhatkali Biryani + Pickle – fantastic combo…

Moroccoan Pot Tea – huge disappointment except the nice looking kettle.

Morrocan Pot Tea at Alibaba Cafe Bangalore

Morrocan Pot Tea – not worth it :(

Replicating another country’s cuisine in a different geography is always tough due to the availability of authentic ingredients. The food offered here is unlike most Bangaloreans (who have never tasted such food) are used to – go on try this place, it’s worth a culinary adventure.

Preethi Canteen Birur NH 206 Karnataka

Word of mouth and recommendation from locals can never go wrong while choosing a place to eat on Indian Highways – one such awesome discovery is the humble Preethi Canteen in Birur, Karnataka.

Located on the serene NH206 that connects Bangalore to coastal Karnataka Preethi Canteen has become a must-stop breakfast place serving tasty south Indian food.

Vada - Preeti Canteen NH 206 Birur, Karnataka

Vadas – Crispy & Yummmmm…

About Preethi Canteen:

Started in 1989 by Mr. Chandrashekar and now run by his son Mr. Prakash, this breakfast joint has been frequented by Who’s who  – from the locals to the travelers to movie-stars to ministers; yet there is an air of humbleness and an ‘being at home’ feel to this place.

The secret of delicious food according to Mr. Prakash  are fresh ingredients and immense passion for cooking – in fact the cooks have remained the same since day one of operations.

Khara & Kesari Bhath - Preeti Canteen NH 206 Birur, Karnataka

Best Khara & Kesari Bhath on NH 206..

Almost everything they serve is delicious, but I definitely recommend to try the following:

-          Benne (Butter) Khali Dosa – INR 25/plate

-          Vada with chutney – INR 12/vada (the sambar wasn’t that great)

-          Khara and Kesari bhath – INR 24 for the combination

Wash these off with at-least 2 cups of filter coffee :)

Benne Khali Dosa - Preethi Canteen NH 206 Birur Karnataka

Benne Khali Dosa – must try :)

Curd Vada - Preeti Canteen NH 206 Birur Karnataka

Curd Vada – Morning Sugar Rush :)

Quick Tip: Birur is located in Chikkamagalur district (known for its coffee plantations) – so most of the places on this highway are expert coffee- brewers, churning out excellent filter coffee: Tea is an alien drink, so stay out of its way :D

Preeti Canteen NH 206 Birur Karnataka

Preeti Canteen Birur

Useful Information:

  • Timings: 7:30am to 12:30pm

4:30 pm to 8:30 pm


Punjabi Mess Domlur Bangalore

Authentic Punjabi food is a rare thing to come across with literally every food joint across our country trying to replicate their famous breads in the form of stuffed parathas, rotis and their other preparations.

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled on a place run by a Punjabi family in Bangalore serving home-like Punjabi food – presenting you The Punjabi Mess, a non extravagant place serving lip-smacking authentic Punjabi food that will woo your taste-buds.

Lacha Paratha, Bhindi Fry & Chicken Masala - Punjabi Mess Domlur

Lacha Paratha, Bhindi Fry & Chicken Masala – yumm!!!

About Punjabi Mess:
Located in Domlur Bangalore, this place is run by Mr.Amarjit Singh, his wife Reeta and their son Preet Satyam Singh. They serve only lunch and dinner catering to the veggies and chicken lovers alike (No other meats are prepared).

Everything on their menu has the flavor, simplicity and love of home food – so kinda hard for me to pick their best offerings. Although I thoroughly relish their parathas (plain & stuffed ones), hot-off-the tava Phulkas (non-tandoori rotis) , Mixed Vegetable subzi and buttermilk.

Mixed Vegetable Dry and Phulkas - Punjabi Mess

Mixed Vegetable Dry and Phulkas – Must Try

The seating arrangement is similar to a French-café – on the sidewalk of the street with a few chairs and tables – absolutely perfect for the cool weather of my city :)

Chicken Masala with gravy - Punjabi Mess

Chicken Masala with gravy

Working Hours:

1pm to 4pm

7pm to 11pm

Contact Number – 9886309467

Punjabi Mess Domlur - menu

Punjabi Mess Domlur – Menu

Must Know Info about the place:
- Limited seating (a max of 15 can eat at once)
- Seats are on the sidewalk of the street – so don’t expect any sort of ambiance
- I sincerely advise to call and place the order – especially during peak lunch (1pm – 2pm) and dinner time (7:30pm -9pm) – helps them to organize and reserve the place
- Cash Only – NO Cards are accepted

Onion Paratha - Punjabi Mess

Pyaz aka Onion Paratha – Delicious :)

Adjacent to Aryan Suzuki, Old Airport Road – this Google maps link should be helpful.

I sincerely recommend any Punjabi cuisine fan to visit this place – food is absolutely brilliant.